Dust Buggy 55 - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart

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Dust Buggy 55, the ultimate solution for effective containment and filtration. This mobile ceiling access cart is specifically designed to capture and filter dust particles, ensuring a clean and safe environment. With its advanced filtration system, the Dust Buggy 55 efficiently removes dust and contaminants, providing superior air quality. Its innovative design allows for easy maneuverability and access to hard-to-reach areas, making it ideal for various applications. Whether it's in construction sites, industrial facilities, or renovation projects, the Dust Buggy 55 ensures optimal dust containment and filtration. Experience the power of the Dust Buggy 55 and enjoy a cleaner and healthier workspace.
Dust Buggy 55 - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart
Dust Buggy 55 - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart
Product Details
Mobile Ceiling Access Cart for Containment and Filtration, an innovative one-person solution designed for smaller areas with 15 convenience and safety options included. This versatile cart is precisely engineered to provide easy access to ceilings while ensuring efficient containment and filtration processes.

UL-Listed Components: All Mobile Ceiling Access Cart components are UL-listed, guaranteeing safety and compliance with industry standards.

Compact and Versatile Design: The cart features a collapsible design, measuring 29” W x 55” L x 68” T when collapsed, which easily fits through any 3.0 door. When extended, it reaches up to an impressive 10’6” with a standard enclosure and can be developed up to 14' with additional options.

Robust Structure: The Mobile Ceiling Access Cart is built with a fully boxed aluminum frame, and a caster and wheel assembly rated for 900 lbs. each, ensuring a total cart rating of 1500+ lbs. All four casters are non-marring and self-braking, with swivel locks on one end for added stability.

HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine: The cart has a lab-tested HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine, providing medical-grade filtration with 99.99+% efficiency at .03 microns and a MERV 18 plus rating. The fan is rated at 750 CFM, ensuring robust and efficient filtration.

Three-Way Electrical Wiring: The electrical system is wired for 120V, allowing power to be controlled inside and outside the cart, adhering to best IC (Infection Control) practices. It includes a 25 ft. retractable extension cord, convenience outlets, and lighting for added convenience.

Most Versatile Raise/Lower Mechanism: The Mobile Ceiling Access Cart features telescoping, spring-loaded extension poles that raise the enclosure to a standard height of 10’6”. With additional options like a tall enclosure and MTA (multiple tile adapter), it can be presented to an impressive 14'. The raise/lower mechanism is quick and tool-free, allowing easy adjustments in 90 seconds or less.

Adjustable Advanced Enclosure: The cart has an advanced enclosure fabricated using durable, healthcare-approved, antimicrobial, anti-static, fire-resistant, and easy-to-clean material. It is available in white (standard) and translucent (optional). The enclosure has two pass-thru slips, a clear zipping closed-top, and a slide-out/offset top frame to work around wall obstacles like handrails.

Interior Lighting: The enclosure features an LED lighting package, including HALO lighting, illuminating the work area and space above the ceiling. It also includes LED shelves and in-use lights for enhanced visibility during operations.

Premium End-Entry Door: The cart has a premium end-entry door with a lock and key set, a window for easy viewing, and a work order/permit slide holder for organizational convenience.

Safety Features: Ensuring safety is paramount, and the cart comes with several safety features, including a negative air indicator (manometer) to monitor air pressure and a walk-off mat storage compartment below the door.

The Mobile Ceiling Access Cart for Containment and Filtration is a cutting-edge solution, offering convenience, safety, and efficiency for all your ceiling access and filtration needs. Its versatile design, powerful filtration system, and user-friendly features make it an indispensable tool for various applications in healthcare, construction, maintenance, and more. Experience the ease and effectiveness of the Mobile Ceiling Access Cart for Containment and Filtration, your go-to solution for clean and safe work environments.
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