Airrex HSC-18

Airrex HSC-18: Climate Control Solutions has you covered inefficient spot cooling solutions for various environments. As a trusted provider of industrial portable air conditioners, we offer reliable cooling options for server rooms, industrial plants, hospitals, and commercial office spaces. One of our flagship models, the Airrex HSC-18, is designed to deliver robust and efficient cooling performance to keep your area comfortable and well-regulated.

Introducing the Airrex HSC-18

The Airrex HSC-18 is a standout spot cooler, available for purchase and rental. Its impressive cooling capacity of 16,800 BTU ensures it can handle even the most demanding environments. With a size of 19.3×23.6×49.8 inches and a weight of 185 lbs, this portable air conditioner is designed for easy placement and mobility, allowing you to position it wherever it’s needed most.

Efficient Cooling Performance

The Airrex HSC-18 is engineered to deliver efficient cooling performance, ensuring your space’s pleasant and productive atmosphere. Whether dealing with intense heat in an industrial setting or maintaining critical temperatures in a server room, this spot cooler is up to the task. Its reliable performance helps regulate temperatures and ensures optimal conditions for equipment and personnel.

Easy Maintenance and Optional Condensate Pump

At Climate Control Solutions, we prioritize ease of use and maintenance. The Airrex HSC-18 has a removable condensate tank, simplifying maintenance tasks and ensuring hassle-free operation. This allows for quick and efficient drainage of accumulated moisture, contributing to continuous and reliable cooling performance.

The HSC-18 is compatible with an optional 115V condensate pump for added convenience. The condensate pump efficiently manages condensation, providing an automated solution for draining moisture over extended periods. This optional accessory is handy for locations where continuous drainage is necessary, reducing the need for frequent manual intervention.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

We stand by the quality and reliability of our industrial portable air conditioners. The Airrex HSC-18 comes with a 1-year warranty, which includes a 3-year compressor warranty. This comprehensive warranty coverage provides peace of mind, ensuring the longevity and durability of your cooling equipment.

Customizable Accessories

We understand that different cooling requirements demand specific accessories. The Airrex HSC-18 offers optional accessories like the 115V condensate pump and the 12″ ceiling tile kit, allowing you to tailor the air conditioner to your specific cooling demands. The customizable accessories enhance the unit’s performance and adaptability to suit your space perfectly.

Trust Airrex, the Leading Provider

Climate Control Solutions takes pride in being a leading provider of industrial portable air conditioners. Our reputation for quality and reliability makes us a trusted choice for spot cooling solutions. When you choose Airrex, you can rest assured that you are investing in equipment that effectively meets your cooling needs.

Purchase or Rent Your Solution

We understand that different situations require different solutions. At Climate Control Solutions, you can choose whether to buy or rent an industrial portable air conditioner. Our rental options ensure you can access reliable cooling solutions without committing to a long-term investment.

Experience Cool Comfort Today

With the Airrex HSC-18 and other exceptional models, Climate Control Solutions delivers efficient spot-cooling solutions that guarantee excellent comfort in any environment. Trust our expertise and equipment to keep your spaces at the ideal temperature, ensuring optimal performance and productivity.


In conclusion, Climate Control Solutions offers a comprehensive range of industrial portable air conditioners that excel at spot cooling in various environments. The Airrex HSC-18, with its efficient cooling performance, easy maintenance, and customizable accessories, is a top-notch spot cooler that meets your cooling requirements. Whether you choose to purchase or rent, trust Airrex to provide efficient spot cooling and enhance the comfort of your spaces. Experience cool comfort today with the Airrex HSC-18 and other reliable options from Climate Control Solutions.

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