Largest Spot Cooler: Airrex HSC-70

Airrex HSC 70: Climate Control Solutions proudly presents its comprehensive line of industrial portable air conditioners. It offers economical and efficient spot-cooling solutions for various environments. Whether you need to cool server rooms, industrial plants, hospitals, or commercial office spaces, our portable air conditioners are designed to meet your cooling needs effectively. In particular, the Airrex HSC-70 stands out as a robust and reliable spot cooler, available for purchase and rental.

Introducing the Airrex HSC-70

The Airrex HSC-70 is a standout spot cooler renowned for its reliable cooling performance and versatility. With a cooling capacity of 84,000 BTU, this powerful portable air conditioner is designed for high-demand environments. Its large size of 29.1×55.1×58.7 inches and weight of 550 lbs makes it a robust cooling solution for critical spaces.

Effective Cooling within Optimal Temperatures

The Airrex HSC-70 operates effectively within a 68 to 113-degree Fahrenheit temperature range, ensuring precise and reliable cooling performance. Maintaining optimal temperatures is crucial in critical environments like data storage rooms and electrical closets. The HSC-70’s cooling capabilities safeguard equipment and ensure smooth operations.

ETL Listed and Warranty Coverage

Safety and quality are of utmost importance at Climate Control Solutions. The Airrex HSC-70 is ETL listed, adhering to rigorous safety standards. This certification ensures the unit’s safe and reliable operation. Additionally, the HSC-70 comes with a 1-year warranty, which includes a 3-year warranty on the compressor. These warranty offerings provide peace of mind, ensuring the cooling equipment’s durability and long-term performance.

Customizable Accessories for Added Convenience

Enhance the functionality of the Airrex HSC-70 with optional accessories like the 16″ ceiling tile kit. These accessories provide:

  • Added convenience.
  • Allowing you to tailor the portable air conditioner to your specific cooling needs. The 16″ ceiling tile kit is handy for spaces with ceiling tile installations. offering
  • A seamless and efficient cooling solution.

Trust the Industry Leader

Airrex is a renowned industry leader in portable air conditioners, distinguished for its commitment to quality and performance. Regarding portable air conditioner rental and spot cooling requirements, we want to let you know that we can provide reliable solutions that precisely meet your needs.

Experience Efficient Spot Cooling Today

With the Airrex HSC-70 and our wide range of industrial cooling solutions, you can experience efficient spot cooling in any setting. Our cooling equipment delivers optimal performance for server rooms, industrial plants, hospitals, or commercial spaces. Please contact us today to learn more about the Airrex HSC-70 and how our industrial portable air conditioners can meet your cooling needs.


In conclusion, Climate Control Solutions offers an array of efficient industrial portable air conditioners, providing economical spot cooling solutions for diverse environments. The Airrex HSC-70’s built-in condensate pump and reliable cooling performance perfectly fit data storage rooms and electrical closets. Trust Airrex for your portable air conditioner rental and spot cooling needs, and experience the benefits of top-notch cooling solutions from the industry leader in portable air conditioners. Contact us today to discover more about the Airrex HSC-70 and explore our comprehensive range of industrial cooling options.

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