Oceanaire: Your Preferred Source for Spot Coolers


Oceanaire Water-Cooled Spot Coolers

OceanAire’s water-cooled spot coolers are a versatile and efficient cooling solution. These units require access to a power source, a source of water, and a drain. They come equipped with hoses for easy connection to standard sinks, janitor sinks, or other types of waste water outlets. Unlike air-cooled units that require ventilation, water-cooled spot coolers do not need exhaust or ventilation, making them ideal for spaces where ducting is impractical. They are also more versatile and can be used in areas with high ambient temperatures, providing greater cooling capacity and efficiency. These water-cooled spot coolers are perfect for a variety of applications, from outdoor events like weddings and concerts to industrial and commercial settings.

Oceanaire Air-Cooled Spot Coolers

OceanAire’s air-cooled spot coolers are designed for efficiency and performance. These units use ambient air and convert it to cool air with internal condensers. They require the use of air ducts to extract hot air from the unit and expel it from the room, requiring a means of ventilation. Typically, air-cooled spot coolers are ventilated through a window or a ‘floated’ ceiling to disperse hot air. These large commercial-grade air-cooled spot coolers are often used outdoors and utilize ductwork to bring cold air to a desired location. They are commonly used for weddings, concerts, and other outdoor events, providing reliable and effective cooling solutions.

Oceanaire: Your Partner in Portable Cooling and Heating Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, OceanAire leads the industry in designing portable cooling and heating solutions for temporary and emergency needs. Their products range from 1 to 5 tons of cooling capacity, offering a wide variety of power options to suit your requirements. Oceanaire also provides customizable options and accessories to ensure you get the perfect product for your needs.

Manufacturing Quality

OceanAire, Inc. manufactures compact, quiet, and technologically advanced portable air conditioner products in our 40,000+ square foot facility in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Each unit is carefully assembled by our team of highly experienced HVAC specialists, ensuring quality and reliability. Our portable air conditioners are UL listed in the US and Canada, and before shipment, each unit undergoes thorough testing. Oceanaire backs their products with a 1-year warranty, plus an additional 4 years on the compressor.

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