HEPACART 55 AUTO - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart

Quick Overview

HEPACART 55 AUTO is a versatile solution for containment and filtration. This compact cart offers convenience and safety with its 15 options, UL-listed components, and durable construction. Easily maneuverable and equipped with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine ensures clean and controlled environments.
Price: $14,021.00
HEPACART 55 AUTO - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart
HEPACART 55 AUTO - Mobile Ceiling Access Cart
Product Details


One-person, end entry ceiling access cart for smaller areas with 15 convenience and safety options included. 

All components are UL listed. 
Working Dimensions: 
· Collapsed: 29”W x 55”L x 68”T. Fits through any 3.0 door. 
· Extended: Reaches up to 10’6” with standard enclosure and up to 14' with additional options. 
· Fully boxed aluminum frame with caster and wheel assembly rated for 900 lbs. each. Total cart rated for 1500+ lbs. 
· All four casters are non-marring, self-braking. Swivel locks on one end. 
HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine: 
· Lab-tested design, individually tested units, and wither certified testing results and documentation included. 
· Medical grade 99.99+% at .03 microns. MERV 18 plus. Double gasket. 
· Fan rated at 750 CFM. 
· Three-way electrical wired for 120 v. allows power to be safely controlled inside and outside the cart for best IC practices. 
· Includes 25 ft. retractable extension cord, convenience outlets, and lighting. 
Most Versatile Raise/Lower Mechanism: 
· Telescoping, spring-loaded extension poles (for a tight seal) raise the enclosure to 10’6” standard 
· Raises to 14’ with additional option tall enclosure and MTA (multiple tile adapter. Moves in 90 seconds or less with no tools. 
Adjustable Advanced Enclosure (Now Standard): 
· Fabricated using a durable, healthcare-approved, antimicrobial, anti-static, fire-resistant, and easy-to-clean material -- available in white (standard) and translucent (when noted). 
 Each enclosure has: 
· Two pass-thru slips 
· Clear zipping closed-top. 
· Slide-out / offset top-frame to work around wall obstacles like handrails. 
Interior Lighting (Now Standard): 
· LED lighting package includes: 
· The HALO lighting in the enclosure which lights the work area including the space above the ceiling, 
· LED shelf light 
· LED in-use light. 
Premium End-Entry Door with: 
· Lock and key set 
· Window and 
· Work order/permit slide holder. 
Safety Features (Now Standard): 
· Negative air indicator (manometer) 
· Walk-off mat storage compartment below the door.