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MobileCool MOB-42PEH, a powerful 3.5-ton portable air conditioner with electric heat. This versatile unit offers cooling and heating capabilities, providing 42,000 BTU/h of cooling capacity and 40,000 BTU/h. The MOB-42PEH is designed to deliver efficient climate control for various applications, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. Experience the convenience and versatility of the MobileCool MOB-42PEH for all your cooling and heating needs.
Cooling Capacity:
42,000 BTU/h
Heating Capacity:
40,000 BTU/h
Size (W x D x H):
38x64x48 inches
600 lbs
Power Supply:
220V,60Hz, 1Ph
Current Consumption (AMPS) :
26 amps cooling / 45 amps heating
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator:
1,400 CFM
Price: $19,542.50
Product Details

Experience efficient and versatile climate control with the MobileCool MOB-42HPEH, a powerful 3.5-ton portable heat pump. This mobile unit delivers a cooling capacity of 42,000 BTU and offers versatile heating and cooling capabilities for various applications. Ideal for multiple settings, the MobileCool MOB-42HPEH provides convenience and reliable performance. The MobileCool MOB-42HPEH is a versatile 3.5-ton portable air conditioner with electric heat. This unit ensures efficient temperature control with a cooling capacity of 42,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 40,000 BTU/h. It operates on 230V 1-phase power and includes a remote thermostat with a 50-foot cord for easy control and convenience. Equipped with (1) 12" supply and (2) 12" return vents, the MOB-42HPEH ensures adequate air circulation for consistent cooling and heating throughout the space. The MOB-42HPEH features a reusable filter with a static pressure of 0.63" for optimized airflow. Experience portable and reliable cooling and heating with the MobileCool MOB-42HPEH. Whether you need to cool or heat your environment, this versatile unit provides efficient climate control for enhanced comfort and convenience.
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