SKU: F-SK1-4801
Sidekick fan is a versatile and portable cooling solution that goes by the name barrel fan or drum fan. From the renowned company Big Ass Fans, the Sidekick fan stands out with its exceptional airflow, surpassing all other 48" barrel fans on the market. This fan is designed for power and portability, ensuring efficient cooling in various settings. Whether you call it a barrel or drum fan, the Sidekick fan delivers impressive airflow to keep you cool and comfortable. Experience the power of the Sidekick fan and enjoy superior cooling performance wherever you need it.
Price: $2,599.00
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The Sidekick fan, also known as a barrel fan or drum fan, is from the renowned company Big Ass Fans. This portable powerhouse delivers exceptional airflow, surpassing any 48" barrel fan. Designed for reliability and performance, the Sidekick fan ensures efficient cooling in any space. Its sturdy construction and easy maneuverability make it the perfect solution for workshops, garages, outdoor events, and more. Stay cool and comfortable with the Sidekick fan, providing powerful airflow wherever needed.
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