Enhancing Comfort for TFNB Bank in McGregor


TFNB Bank, with locations in both McGregor and Waco, is a prominent institution serving the heart of Texas. Committed to exceptional service, TFNB Bank embarked on an HVAC replacement project at its McGregor location. To meet this challenge, they turned to Climate Control Solutions, in partnership with P&E Mechanical, a trusted HVAC company. Our mission: to ensure TFNB’s customers and staff in McGregor enjoy a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Here’s how Climate Control Solutions, in collaboration with P&E Mechanical, delivered a reliable heating solution using the AHSC-14 portable heat pumps.


The Challenge:

TFNB Bank in McGregor was undertaking an HVAC replacement project, aiming to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere for their customers and employees, regardless of the season. Texas weather can be unpredictable, with scorching summers and occasional winter chills. Traditional HVAC systems were struggling to adapt.


The Solution:

Recognizing the unique challenge of the HVAC replacement, Climate Control Solutions, in partnership with P&E Mechanical, recommended the installation of two Airrex AHSC-14 portable heat pumps, initially in McGregor. These units are renowned for their adaptability, efficiently providing both heating and cooling capabilities. With the AHSC-14 units, TFNB Bank could ensure consistent comfort indoors, regardless of external weather conditions.


The Implementation:

P&E Mechanical, a respected HVAC company, recognized the value of our expertise in Climate Control Solutions. Together, we devised a plan for the installation of the AHSC-14 portable heat pumps, strategically placing them for maximum efficiency and comfort during the HVAC switch out in McGregor.


The Outcome:

The installation of the AHSC-14 portable heat pumps at TFNB Bank’s McGregor location has been a resounding success, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Climate Control Solutions and P&E Mechanical. These units not only maintain a comfortable temperature but also contribute to energy savings thanks to their eco-friendly refrigerant and efficient operation. TFNB Bank can now provide a welcoming environment to their customers and employees in McGregor year-round, reaffirming their commitment to superior service.



Climate Control Solutions, in partnership with P&E Mechanical, takes pride in assisting TFNB Bank during their HVAC switch out project in McGregor. This project showcases our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address real-world issues. We remain steadfast in our dedication to providing cutting-edge climate control solutions that enhance comfort and efficiency for our valued clients across Texas.


Climate Control Solutions provides various portable cooling and heating rental solutions to meet your needs 24/7. Whether you require temporary climate control for events, construction sites, or emergencies, we have you covered. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring on-site delivery and setup anywhere in Texas. No matter the time, you can rely on us to be there for you. Contact us today at (800) 633-8711 or send us an email at salesdept@climatecontrolsolutions.com and let us assist you in finding the perfect climate control solution for your specific requirements.


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