Airrex ADH-8000

SKU: ADH-8000
Brand: Airrex USA
The ADH-8000 is a high-performance dehumidifier, ideal for restoration and remediation projects, with a capacity to remove up to 130 pts. of water per day (AHAM) and a maximum of 200 pts. Per day, it effectively tackles moisture issues. This compact and portable unit features a powerful airflow of up to 302 CFM for optimal performance. In addition, its automatic variable speed allows for customized operation. Measuring 20″ x 33.5″ x 20″ and weighing 123 lbs., the ADH-8000 is durable and designed for convenience. It operates at 115V with an 8.8A power draw and 60Hz frequency. Equipped with a 4-PRO filter, it enhances air quality during the restoration process. The ADH-8000 includes a 40 ft. hose and a 25 ft. detachable power cord for easy setup and maneuverability. Its rotomolded polyethylene housing ensures durability and is ETL listed for safety compliance. The ADH-8000 is Xactimate compatible as “WTRDHM>>XL” and qualifies for 2,000 Legend Rewards. Experience reliable and efficient moisture control with the ADH-8000 dehumidifier, perfect for restoration and remediation projects.


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Airrex ADH-8000 High-Performance Dehumidifier: Your Ultimate Solution for Restoration and Remediation Projects
Moisture-related challenges in restoration and remediation projects can be daunting, requiring robust and efficient solutions. In such cases, the ADH-8000 High-Performance Dehumidifier is the ultimate companion to tackle the most stubborn moisture issues and create a dry and comfortable environment for your projects.
Unmatched Capacity for Challenging Projects:
The ADH-8000 boasts an impressive capacity to remove up to 130 pints of water per day (AHAM) and a maximum of 200 pints per day. This exceptional dehumidifying power allows you to address even the most challenging moisture problems, from flooded basements to extensive water damage restoration, ensuring rapid and effective results.
Compact and Portable Design:
Measuring 20″ x 33.5″ x 20″, the ADH-8000 comes in a compact and portable design. Its lightweight build and convenient wheels make it easy to move and position wherever needed. This portability lets you quickly address moisture concerns in various locations, making it a versatile tool for any restoration or remediation project.
Powerful Airflow for Optimal Performance:
With a powerful airflow of up to 302 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), the ADH-8000 ensures efficient and thorough moisture removal. Its high-performance fan circulates the air effectively, speeding up the drying process and promoting faster restoration. The increased airflow guarantees a more comprehensive coverage area, allowing the ADH-8000 to handle larger spaces efficiently.
Customized Operation for Maximum Efficiency:
The ADH-8000 offers automatic variable speed functionality, allowing you to customize its operation to suit your needs. This feature ensures you can fine-tune its performance based on the environment’s moisture level, optimizing its efficiency and effectiveness. With the ability to adjust the fan speed according to the project’s requirements, the ADH-8000 delivers tailored results for different restoration scenarios.
Durability and Convenience in One Package:
Built to withstand the rigors of demanding restoration projects, the ADH-8000 features a durable rotomolded polyethylene housing. This rugged construction protects against wear and tear, ensuring the dehumidifier can handle the most challenging tasks and endure harsh environments. Despite its robust build, the ADH-8000 remains easy to handle and transport, weighing only 123 lbs.
Enhanced Air Quality for Improved Environment:
During the restoration process, maintaining air quality is crucial. The ADH-8000 has a 4-PRO filter to capture and trap airborne particles and impurities. This filtration system ensures that moisture is controlled effectively and the air remains clean, improving the overall indoor air quality in the restoration area. The ADH-8000 creates a healthier environment for workers and occupants by removing allergens and contaminants.
Easy Setup and Maneuverability:
The ADH-8000 has a 40 ft. hose and a 25 ft. detachable power cord, providing an effortless setup and exceptional maneuverability. This generous cord length and hose allow you to position the dehumidifier in the most convenient and strategic locations, maximizing its performance and reach. Whether you are working in large areas or navigating tight spaces, the ADH-8000 ensures flexibility and convenience in its setup.
Safety and Compatibility Guaranteed:
Safety is paramount when dealing with restoration and remediation projects. The ADH-8000 operates at 115V with an 8.8A power draw and 60Hz frequency, adhering to safety standards without compromising performance. Additionally, the ADH-8000 holds the prestigious ETL listing for safety compliance, further ensuring the unit’s reliability and safety during operation. Its Xactimate compatibility as “WTRDHM>>XL” makes it an ideal choice for professional restoration projects, fitting seamlessly into established industry practices.
Earn Rewards with the ADH-8000:
Choosing the ADH-8000 offers not only excellent performance but also rewards. It qualifies for 2,000 Legend Rewards, adding value to your investment and making it an intelligent choice for restoration projects. These rewards serve as an additional benefit for customers, providing incentives for choosing the ADH-8000 and recognizing its high-quality performance in the industry.
Reliable and Efficient Moisture Control:
In conclusion, the ADH-8000 dehumidifier provides reliable and efficient moisture control, making it the perfect companion for restoration and remediation projects. Its high capacity, customizable operation, enhanced air quality, and portability make it a powerful and practical solution to moisture-related challenges. Whether you are faced with water damage restoration, flood mitigation, or general dehumidification tasks, trust in the ADH-8000 to deliver outstanding results and create a dry and healthy environment for your restoration projects. With the ADH-8000 by your side, moisture issues become a thing of the past, ensuring successful and efficient restoration and remediation projects every time.
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