Airrex AF-2300

SKU: AF 2300
Brand: Airrex USA
Airrex AF-2300: Highly efficient, portable air mover for rapid drying. Shallow 1.4 amp draw, versatile positions. The ultimate drying solution.


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Airrex AF-2300: Your Ultimate Portable Air Mover for Rapid and Efficient Drying

Experience the power of rapid and efficient drying with the Airrex AF-2300, a fully portable air mover that delivers exceptional results. Whether you need to tackle residential or commercial drying tasks, this versatile solution is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Effortless Operation:

With a low ampere draw of just 1.4 amps, the AF-2300 can be conveniently plugged into a single 15-amp circuit, providing hassle-free operation. Say goodbye to complicated setups and welcome a drying solution that works with ease. The AF-2300 is a reliable workhorse that requires minimal power consumption while delivering maximum performance.

Versatile Operating Positions:

Equipped with four versatile operating positions, the AF-2300 allows you to effortlessly conquer even the most demanding drying tasks. This flexibility ensures you can target specific areas and achieve optimal drying results. Whether floor drying, wall drying, or even directing airflow into crawl spaces, the AF-2300 adapts to your needs.

Trusted Brand:

Trust Airrex, a reputable brand in the industry, for all your drying and dehumidification needs. With a track record of excellence, Airrex delivers top-notch equipment designed to perform in various environments. The AF-2300 is backed by the reliability and quality that Airrex is known for, making it a trustworthy choice for your drying projects.

Efficient and Effective Drying:

The AF-2300 is engineered to provide efficient and effective drying, making it an excellent choice for various applications. This air mover is up to the task, from flood restoration to carpet drying. A high-velocity airflow accelerates the evaporation process, helping you tackle moisture challenges in a time-efficient manner.


The AF-2300 is fully portable, allowing you to move it wherever it’s needed most. Whether you’re dealing with multiple drying projects or need to shift the focus to different areas, its lightweight design and integrated handle make it easy to handle and transport. Experience the convenience of mobility and position the air mover exactly where it’s needed.

Rapid Drying Capabilities:

When time is of the essence, the AF-2300 delivers. Experience the power of rapid drying as this air mover quickly removes moisture, helping you complete your projects promptly. Its high airflow capacity ensures that drying times are significantly reduced, allowing for faster turnaround and increased productivity.

Residential and Commercial Applications:

Whether you’re a homeowner dealing with water damage or a professional in the restoration industry, the AF-2300 is designed to cater to residential and commercial applications. Its versatility makes it a reliable companion for various drying tasks, ranging from small household spills to larger-scale restoration projects.

Enhance Your Drying Process:

Invest in the ultimate efficient and effective drying solution with the Airrex AF-2300 air mover. Experience the convenience of its low ampere draw, the versatility of its operating positions, and the reliability of Airrex technology. The AF-2300 ensures that your drying process is smooth, efficient, and successful.

In conclusion, the Airrex AF-2300 air mover is your go-to for rapid and efficient drying. Its portability, rapid drying capabilities, and versatility make it valuable to your drying equipment arsenal. Trust Airrex to deliver outstanding performance and take your drying process to the next level. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or restoration professional, the AF-2300 is the ultimate solution for all your drying needs. Experience the power and efficiency of the Airrex AF-2300 and achieve exceptional results in your drying projects.

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