SKU: F-BJ1-0601
Brand: Big Ass Fans
Meet Black Jack®, the ultimate indoor/outdoor fan designed for versatility and efficiency. With a 6.5-ft (2-m) frame to fit through standard doors, rugged rubber wheels for any terrain, and wet-rated for easy wash-downs, Black Jack® is perfect for crowded spaces like auto shops, fitness centers, and covered outdoor wedding venues.
Experience its whisper-quiet direct-drive motor generating airflow spanning 120 feet, drawing only 7.5 amps at top speed. Pre-assembled for immediate use, this fan brings convenience and power to any environment.


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Introducing Big Ass Fans Black Jack, the ultimate versatile and efficient solution designed to conquer any space easily. Its 6.5-ft (2-m) frame is engineered to effortlessly fit through standard interior doors, while the rugged indoor/covered outdoor rubber wheels tackle any terrain with finesse. Black Jack is your go-to companion for all spaces and occasions, from narrow aisles and busy auto shops to fitness centers and coated outdoor wedding venues.

Conquer Any Space

No space is too challenging for the Big Ass Fans Black Jack. Its compact design and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating through tight spaces and narrow aisles, ensuring efficient cooling wherever needed.

Built for Any Terrain

The rugged indoor/covered outdoor rubber wheels of Black Jack are designed to easily handle any terrain, providing smooth movement and stability wherever it goes.

Wet-Rated for Versatility

Black Jack is wet-rated, making it suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor use. Its durable construction allows for easy wash-downs, making maintenance a breeze.

Powerful and Quiet Performance

Experience the remarkable airflow of Black Jack, spanning an impressive 120 feet. Powered by a whisper-quiet direct-drive motor, it ensures optimal performance without disturbing your surroundings. Drawing only 7.5 amps at top speed, Black Jack delivers powerful airflow without excessive energy consumption.

Easy Setup and Use

Arriving pre-assembled, setting Black Jack in motion is as easy as a simple roll off the pallet. No complicated installation is required—plug it in, and it’s ready to keep you comfortable.

Create Comfort Anywhere

Discover the convenience and power of Black Jack®, making any space comfortable and inviting. Whether it’s a bustling auto shop, a crowded fitness center, or a serene outdoor wedding venue, Black Jack® delivers exceptional cooling performance, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Choose Black Jack for Versatile Cooling

Choose Black Jack for your cooling needs, and experience the convenience, versatility, and efficiency it brings to any space. Trust in the quality and innovation of Big Ass Fans to enhance your cooling experience with Black Jack®, the go-to solution for all your cooling challenges.

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