Cajun Kool CK18000

SKU: CK18000
Brand: Cajun Kool

Quick Overview

The CK-18000 from Cajun Kooling is a robust 18,000 CFM 3-speed evaporative cooler designed to effectively cool spaces of up to 2500 square feet. This cooler provides effortless mobility and convenient operation with its convenient wheels and remote control. Experience the perfect cooling solution for even the largest areas with the Cajun Kooling CK-18000.


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CK-18000 from Cajun Kooling—a cooling powerhouse that stands ready to transform your largest spaces into comfortable retreats. With an impressive airflow of 18,000 CFM and three adjustable speed settings, this robust evaporative cooler is designed to efficiently cool areas of up to 2500 square feet.

What sets the CK-18000 apart is its unrivaled capacity to provide comfort on a grand scale, making it ideal for expansive areas that demand effective cooling. Whether you’re seeking relief in a warehouse, workshop, or a generously-sized open space, this cooler rises to the challenge.

Cajun Kooling ensures that you experience the ultimate in convenience with the CK-18000. Equipped with sturdy wheels and a user-friendly remote control, it’s effortless to move and operate, putting the power of precise climate control at your fingertips.

Say farewell to sweltering conditions in your most expansive environments and usher in a new era of cooling efficiency with the Cajun Kooling CK-18000. Embrace the perfect cooling solution for your largest spaces and experience comfort on a grand scale.

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