Cajun Kool CK4500-S

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Brand: Cajun Kool

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The CK4500-S from Cajun Kooling is a high-performance evaporative cooler, delivering a powerful airflow of 4500 CFM across three different speeds. Designed to cool areas of up to 1200 square feet, this portable cooler is equipped with wheels and a remote control for easy maneuverability and convenient operation. Whether you need to cool a patio, outdoor space, or any other area, the Cajun Kooling CK4500-S is the perfect solution. Experience efficient and effective outdoor cooling with the CK4500-S evaporative cooler.


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CK4500-S from Cajun Kooling, a high-performance evaporative cooler that redefines comfort in open spaces. This exceptional cooler delivers a formidable airflow of 4500 CFM, and with three distinct speed settings, you have full control over your cooling experience.

Designed to tackle even the most challenging environments, the CK4500-S can cool areas of up to 1,200 square feet. Whether you’re looking to create a refreshing atmosphere on your patio, enhance outdoor gatherings, or make any outdoor space more comfortable, this portable cooler is your answer.

The CK4500-S is more than just a cooling device; it’s a convenient and versatile solution. Thanks to its durable wheels and intuitive remote control, you can move and operate it, adjusting the cooling settings to suit your needs. Say goodbye to sweltering outdoor heat and hello to efficient and effective cooling with the Cajun Kooling CK4500-S evaporative cooler.

Elevate your outdoor experience and embrace the comfort of the CK4500-S—the ultimate solution for outdoor cooling from Cajun Kooling.

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