CAPS 10-Ton GP / NEMA 4

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CAPS 10 Ton GP / NEMA 4, an industrial-grade cooling solution designed to deliver exceptional performance. With its robust construction and powerful cooling capacity, this unit ensures reliable and efficient operation in demanding environments. Experience industrial-level cooling with the CAPS 10 Ton GP / NEMA 4.
Air Delivery:
4000 CFM
Heating Capacity:
36 KW / 2 Stage
Size (W x D x H):
101 1/2″ x 72 1/2″ x 61 1/4″
2200 Lbs
Air Filter:
(4) 24″ x 20″ x2″ / 30% / Pleated
Plug Type:
4 Cam-lok Connectors
Air Outlets:
(1) 20″ Supply Air & (1) 20″ Return Air

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The CAPS 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is a robust and resilient solution for cooling applications in industrial and commercial settings. Let’s delve deeper into its key features and benefits:


High Cooling Capacity:

The term “10 Ton” signifies the system’s cooling capacity, indicating its ability to remove heat equivalent to 10 tons of ice melting in 24 hours. This translates to a cooling capacity of 120,000 BTUs per hour (12,000 BTUs per ton x 10 tons). The substantial cooling capacity suits it for cooling large spaces or areas with high heat loads.


Versatile Applications:

The CAPS 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is versatile, finding applications in various industries and environments. It is commonly used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, data centers, server rooms, outdoor events, and any location where cooling is essential for maintaining equipment, processes, or occupant comfort.


NEMA 4 Enclosure for Durability:

The NEMA 4 enclosure sets this cooling system apart from standard units. Designed to meet NEMA’s strict standards, it provides a high level of protection against environmental factors such as dust, dirt, water, and corrosive substances. The NEMA 4 rating ensures the cooling system remains operational and reliable even in challenging outdoor or harsh environments.


Resilience in Outdoor Environments:

Thanks to its NEMA 4 enclosure, the CAPS 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is well-suited for outdoor use. It can withstand exposure to rain, moisture, humidity, and other environmental elements that might otherwise damage or compromise its performance. This makes it a dependable cooling solution for outdoor events, construction sites, or other locations without indoor cooling infrastructure.


Reliable Cooling Performance:

The CAPS 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is designed for consistent and efficient cooling performance. It’s robust construction and powerful cooling capacity ensure that it can handle the demands of continuous operation, providing reliable temperature control even under heavy loads or extended use.


Protection of Sensitive Equipment:

In industrial settings or data centers, sensitive equipment and electronics can be vulnerable to high temperatures and environmental contaminants. The 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system keeps the space cool and safeguards critical machinery and electronics by maintaining controlled and stable operating temperatures.


Energy Efficiency:

Despite its high cooling capacity, the 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Advanced technologies and components contribute to optimized cooling performance, ensuring energy consumption is kept in check without sacrificing cooling effectiveness.


Easy Installation and Mobility:

The 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is engineered for easy installation and mobility. Some models come with wheels or casters, allowing for easy movement to different locations as cooling needs change. The straightforward installation process ensures minimal downtime and swift deployment of the cooling solution.



The 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is a robust and reliable solution with a high cooling capacity of 10 tons (120,000 BTUs per hour). Its NEMA 4 enclosure protects against environmental factors, making it ideal for outdoor or harsh environments. With its versatility, durability, and energy efficiency, the 10-ton GP/NEMA 4 cooling system is a go-to choice for industrial and commercial cooling applications, ensuring optimal performance and comfort in challenging conditions.

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