CAPS 25-Ton Unit Non-XP / NEMA 4


Quick Overview

For industrial cooling demands, the CAPS 25 Ton Non-XP / NEMA 4 unit is a top choice. Its robust design and reliable performance ensure efficient cooling in demanding environments. Trust CAPS for your industrial cooling needs and experience the power of reliable and effective cooling solutions.

Air Delivery:

10000 CFM

Heating Capacity:

72 KW / 2 Stage


4600 Lbs

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CAPS 25-ton unit Non-XP/NEMA 4, the ultimate solution for demanding commercial and industrial environments. This powerful unit is designed to deliver exceptional cooling performance, providing reliable climate control for large spaces.

Exceptional Cooling Capacity:

With its impressive 25-ton cooling capacity, equivalent to 300,000 BTUs per hour (12,000 BTUs per ton x 25 tons), this cooling unit is ready to tackle the toughest cooling challenges. It is ideally suited for large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other expansive spaces that require substantial cooling power.

Safe Operation in Non-Explosive Environments:

The Non-XP designation ensures that the CAPS 25-ton unit can operate safely in non-explosive environments. This means you can rely on its performance without concerns about potential hazards, making it a dependable choice for various applications.

Rugged NEMA 4 Protection:

The NEMA 4 rating of the CAPS 25-ton unit provides excellent protection against external factors such as dust, dirt, water, and corrosion. This rugged enclosure is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that the cooling unit maintains optimal performance and longevity even in challenging settings.

Durable and Reliable Performance:

Built to last, the CAPS 25-ton unit Non-XP/NEMA 4 is engineered with durability and reliability. Its robust construction and high-quality components guarantee consistent performance, day in and day out, even in demanding environments.

Efficient Cooling Solutions:

The CAPS 25-ton unit is designed with efficiency in mind, providing cost-effective cooling solutions for large spaces. It optimizes cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Versatile Applications:

This cooling unit is versatile and adaptable to various applications, offering cooling solutions for different industries and spaces. From commercial offices and retail centers to industrial facilities and data centers, the 25- to 25-ton unit is equipped to handle diverse cooling demands.

User-Friendly Controls:

Navigating the 25-Ton Unit Non-XP/NEMA 4 is effortless with user-friendly controls. The intuitive interface allows easy adjustments and customization, ensuring precise temperature control and efficient operation.

Experience Optimal Cooling Performance:

In conclusion, the 25-Ton Unit Non-XP/NEMA 4 is a robust and reliable cooling solution for demanding commercial and industrial environments. Its complete design, non-explosive operation, and NEMA 4 protection make it an ideal choice for spaces that require superior cooling performance in rugged conditions. Experience efficient and dependable cooling with the 25-Ton Unit Non-XP/NEMA 4, and enjoy the comfort and productivity it brings to your demanding spaces.

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