CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit XP / NEMA 7

Brand: Custom Air Products

Quick OverviewFor industrial applications that require reliable and safe cooling in explosive environments, look no further than the CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial settings, this unit is robust and explosion-proof, ensuring the utmost safety and compliance. Its XP and NEMA 7 rating provides enhanced protection against hazardous conditions, making it an ideal choice for industries with explosive materials.
Air Delivery:
2000 CFM
Heating Capacity:
9 KW / 1 Stage
Size (W x D x H):
66 1/2″ x 50″ x70″
1260 Lbs
Air Filter:
(2) 22″ x 14″ x 1″ / 30% / Pleated
Plug Type:
4 Cam-lok Connectors
Air Outlets:
(1) 20″ Supply Air & (1) 20″ Return Air

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CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7. This specialized cooling solution is designed for hazardous environments where security is paramount. With its robust construction and XP/NEMA 7 rating, this unit ensures safe operation where combustible gases or dust may be present, making it the ideal choice for industrial applications in hazardous locations.


Specialized XP/NEMA 7 Rating:

The CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit has an XP/NEMA 7 rating, providing the highest protection against potential explosion hazards. This rating ensures safe operation in environments with flammable gases, vapors, or dust, making it an indispensable cooling solution for hazardous locations.


Robust and Durable Construction:

Designed with ruggedness in mind, this package unit is constructed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding industrial environments. Its durable build guarantees long-lasting operation and reduces the risk of downtime due to equipment failures.


Efficient and Reliable Cooling:

With a 5-ton cooling capacity, the CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit provides efficient and reliable temperature control for industrial settings. The unit’s powerful cooling performance ensures that critical processes and equipment remain at optimal temperatures, maximizing productivity and efficiency.


Advanced Safety Features:

This unit’s specialized XP/NEMA 7 rating comes with advanced safety features to protect against potential explosions. Its design adheres to stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind for operators and facility managers alike.


Ideal for Hazardous Environments:

Safety is a top priority in hazardous environments, so the CAPS 5 Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7 shines as the go-to cooling solution. It’s explosion-proof design and reliable performance make it the perfect choice for industrial applications with flammable materials.


Peace of Mind and Reliability:

With the CAPS 5 Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7, you can be confident in the safety and reliability of your cooling solution. This unit is engineered to deliver peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your operations without worrying about cooling-related hazards.


Optimal Cooling for Hazardous Locations:

In conclusion, the CAPS 5 Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7 is the ultimate cooling solution for hazardous environments. Its XP/NEMA 7 rating, robust construction, efficient cooling capacity, and advanced safety features make it the ideal choice for industrial applications requiring cooling in locations with flammable gases or dust. Experience peace of mind and reliable cooling performance with the CAPS 5-Ton Package Unit XP/NEMA 7, your trusted companion in hazardous environments. Let safety and efficiency go hand in hand with this specialized cooling solution.

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