ClimaTemp CT-12 1-Ton Spot Cooler

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The ClimaTemp CT-12 ECO-TEC+ HEPA Spot Cooler is a revolutionary portable air conditioner designed for superior indoor air quality. Featuring exclusive technologies and features such as Cold Plasma Technology (NPBI), HEPA filtration, and A2L, R32 Refrigerant, this unit provides powerful cooling while effectively reducing viruses, bacteria, and allergens. With quick and effortless cleaning features, stylish bump guards, and UL2998 certification, the CT-12 offers unmatched performance and reliability in commercial cooling solutions. 24/7 California Compliant Spot Cooler Sales.


ClimaTemp CT-12 Spec Sheet

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Brad Kenter
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Climate Control Solutions was great to work with. We had a order come in that required 12 Cool Space 400's asap. They had the equipment in stock, paperwork was seamless, and equipment was ready for pick up when stated. We will be buying more equipment from Climate Control Solutions in the future!
aimee coody
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The spot coolers provided Climage Control Solutions saved the day at my office when our central ac went out in the entire building. The portable ac units kept us all very comfortable for several weeks while we waited for ours to be repaired. It only took 2 units to cool quite a large space. Thanks you CCS!!! We appreciate you!
Stan Love
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This is definitely a Top tier, 5-star company owned and operated by highly skilled individuals! Service oriented and offering a wide range of portable heating, ventilation and air conditioning products to meet whatever mechanical needs you have. I have known the family behind this company for several decades and honored to recommend and support their efforts and CCS.Stan Love AIA, RID

CT-12 Spot Cooler or Portable Air Conditioner by ClimaTemp Portables – 1 Ton Spot Cooler

ClimaTemp Portables is your leading source for cutting-edge climate control products. We proudly introduce the CT-12 Spot Cooler or Portable Air Conditioner, a state-of-the-art addition to our product lineup that exemplifies the highest standards in spot cooling technology. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions is showcased in the CT-12 Spot Cooler ECO-TEC+’s outstanding features.

Eco-Conscious and Regulatory Compliant: The CT-12 Spot Cooler represents a significant advancement in the industry, featuring A2L R-32 refrigerant technology. This refrigerant is compliant with CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA SNAP regulations, making it the first commercial spot cooler with these credentials. With a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675, it ensures efficient spot cooling while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Exceptional Indoor Air Quality: Enhance your indoor air quality with the CT-12’s advanced HEPA filtration, which effectively reduces viruses, bacteria, and allergens. The active Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) purification, combined with passive HEPA filtration, targets airborne and surface pathogens, neutralizes odors and VOCs, traps particulates, and reduces mold spores, pollen, and allergens. The unit is UL2998 Certified Ozone Free, ensuring safe and effective air purification.

User-Friendly Features:

  • New A2L R-32 Refrigerant: Compliant with CARB and EPA SNAP regulations, featuring a GWP of 675, below the 750 threshold.
  • Cold Plasma Technology (NPBI): Enhances air purification.
  • QuickMove Filters: Facilitate easy and quick cleaning of condenser and evaporator filters.
  • Attachable Rear Kick Plate: Aids in navigating over door jams and rough terrain.
  • Stylish Side Bump Guards: Protect the unit from dents and scratches.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cooling Capacity: 12,000 BTU
  • Operating Range: 65° – 113°F
  • Size (W x D x H): 19 x 23 x 40.3 inches
  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Power Supply: 1ph/115V/60Hz
  • Current Consumption (AMPS): 12
  • Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS): 15
  • Nema Plug: 5-15
  • Air Flow (CFM, H/L) Evaporator: 470/400
  • Air Flow (CFM, H/L) Condenser: 1005/888
  • Refrigerant: R-32

Included Accessories:

  • Owner Manual
  • HEPA Brochure
  • HEPA Specification Sheet
  • ClimaTemp Limited Warranty

24/7 California Compliant Spot Cooler Sale

Experience the unparalleled efficiency and air quality improvement with the CT-12 Spot Cooler or Portable Air Conditioner by ClimaTemp Portables – your ultimate solution for advanced climate control.

Cooling Capacity

12,000 BTU

Operating Range

65° – 113°F

Size (W x D x H)

19 x 23 x 40.3 inches


136 lbs

Power Supply


Current Consumption (AMPS)


Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS)


Nema Plug


Air Flow (CFM, H/L) Evaporator


Air Flow (CFM, H/L) Condenser





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