ClimaTemp CTW-18HEPA Portable Water Cooled Air Conditioner

SKU: CTW-18 HEPA Portable Water Cooled Air Conditioner
Brand: ClimaTemp
The new ClimaTemp CTW-18 HEPA water-cooled portable air conditioner. The first water-cooled portable unit to feature HEPA filtration and an onboard integrated compartment for hose kit storage. CTW-18 (1.5 ton). Cooling Capacity: 18,000 Btu/h. 30° Liquid Lightning Hose Kit included. Shark Bite Stainless Steel Double Lock quick connectors. Integrated hose kit storage compartment for hose storage. Automatic HP switch. Water Tray Drain Valve. Heat Exchanger Drain Valve. Eco-Friendly R-32 Refrigerant. Programmable LED Controller. Operates on standard 115V power at only 10.7 Amps. Auto Restart. Wide operating range from 64°F to 113°F.


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Introducing the ClimaTemp CTW-18 HEPA Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner: The Ultimate Cooling Solution with Advanced Filtration

The ClimaTemp CTW-18 HEPA Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner is a groundbreaking cooling unit that sets a new portable air conditioning technology standard. Combining water-cooled efficiency with HEPA filtration, this innovative unit offers exceptional cooling performance and top-notch air purification capabilities.

Advanced HEPA Filtration Technology:

The CTW-18 is the first water-cooled portable air conditioner to feature HEPA filtration. The HEPA filter boasts an impressive 99.97% efficiency in capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, allergens, and other airborne contaminants. With the CTW-18, you can breathe easily, knowing the air around you is purified to the highest standard.

Optimal Cooling Capacity:

Designed to meet the cooling demands of various indoor environments, the CTW-18 delivers a powerful cooling capacity of 18,000 Btu/h (1.5 Ton). Whether it’s a residential space, office, or commercial setting, this unit ensures efficient and consistent cooling performance, providing a comfortable environment for all occupants.

Convenient Hose Kit Storage:

The CTW-18 comes equipped with an integrated hose kit storage compartment, providing a neat and organized solution for hose storage. This thoughtful design feature eliminates the hassle of storing hoses separately, ensuring easy access and convenience whenever the unit operates.

Efficient and User-Friendly:

The CTW-18 is engineered for optimal performance and ease of use. It includes a 30° Liquid Lightning Hose Kit with Shark Bite Stainless Steel Double Lock quick connectors, ensuring a seamless water supply for cooling operations. The unit’s Automatic HP switch guarantees reliable performance, safeguarding against high-pressure issues. The Water Tray Drain Valve and Heat Exchanger Drain Valve enable effortless drainage and winterization.

Eco-Friendly R-32 Refrigerant:

Taking environmental responsibility to heart, the CTW-18 utilizes eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant. This refrigerant has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) than traditional alternatives, contributing to a more sustainable and greener cooling solution.

Programmable LED Controller and Auto Restart:

The CTW-18 features a user-friendly Programmable LED Controller, allowing you to set and customize the desired temperature and cooling schedule according to your preferences. The Auto Restart function ensures that the unit resumes operation with the pre-set settings after any power interruptions, maintaining continuous cooling comfort.

Wide Operating Range for Versatility:

With its wide operating range from 64°F to 113°F, the CTW-18 adapts effortlessly to various indoor settings and temperature requirements. Operating on standard 115V power at only 10.7 Amps delivers energy-efficient performance without compromising cooling capacity.


In conclusion, the ClimaTemp CTW-18 HEPA Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner sets a new standard in portable air conditioning. Its groundbreaking combination of water-cooled efficiency and advanced HEPA filtration ensures optimal cooling performance and top-tier air purification. With the convenience of hose kit storage, easy maintenance, and eco-friendly R-32 refrigerant, the CTW-18 is a responsible and sustainable cooling solution. The user-friendly Programmable LED Controller and comprehensive operating range guarantee a customized cooling experience for any environment. Experience the ultimate cooling and air purification solution with the ClimaTemp CTW-18 HEPA Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner, where advanced technology meets eco-conscious performance in a single unit.

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