Cool Boss CB-12SL

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Cool Boss CB-12SL is the ultimate evaporative air cooler designed for efficient and compact cooling. With its automatic swing louvers and high-powered fan, this cooling powerhouse provides exceptional comfort in any space. Experience the refreshing breeze of the Cool Boss CB-12SL, the perfect evaporative cooler for all your cooling needs.


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Cool Boss CB-12SL Evaporative Air Cooler
Introducing the Cool Boss CB-12SL, a powerful and efficient evaporative air cooler designed to provide optimal cooling comfort in any environment. With its compact size and advanced features, this versatile cooler ensures you stay cool and comfortable all year round.
Compact Design with Powerful Cooling:
The Cool Boss CB-12SL is designed to deliver refreshing airflow while occupying minimal space. Its compact size makes it an ideal cooling solution for various settings, including homes, offices, and outdoor areas. Despite its tiny footprint, this evaporative cooler boasts a powerful 12-inch fan that can efficiently cool your surroundings.
Automatic Swing Louvers for Even Cooling:
Experience uniform and consistent cooling throughout your space, thanks to the integrated automatic swing louvers of the CB-12SL. These louvers move horizontally to distribute cool air evenly, ensuring every corner of your room receives a refreshing breeze. Say goodbye to hot spots and enjoy a cooling experience like no other.
Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly:
The Cool Boss CB-12SL operates on the principle of evaporative cooling, known for its energy-efficient nature. Unlike traditional air conditioners, which consume large amounts of electricity, this evaporative cooler uses only water and a fan to provide adequate cooling. It’s an environmentally friendly option that won’t burden your utility bills.
Versatile Cooling Solution:
Whether you need cooling relief indoors or want to enjoy the outdoors without the scorching heat, the CB-12SL has you covered. Its portable design lets you move it wherever you need cooling. From living rooms and bedrooms to patios and outdoor events, the Cool Boss CB-12SL is your reliable cooling companion.
User-Friendly Operation:
Using the Cool Boss CB-12SL is a breeze. Adjusting the fan speed and cooling mode with intuitive controls and settings is simple. Enjoy personalized cooling with the flexibility to adapt to your preferences and the changing weather conditions.
Stay Cool All Year Round:
The Cool Boss CB-12SL is for more than summer use. While it provides cooling relief during hot months, it can also be used as a fan for circulating air in your space. When you need extra humidity in winter, this evaporative cooler can also function as a humidifier, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment year-round.
In conclusion, the Cool Boss CB-12SL Evaporative Air Cooler is your ultimate cooling solution for all seasons. Its compact design, powerful fan, automatic swing louvers, and energy-efficient operation make it a practical and versatile choice for your cooling needs. Enjoy the refreshing and comfortable airflow in your home, office, or outdoor space with the Cool Boss CB-12SL, the cooler designed to provide optimal cooling comfort wherever needed. Stay cool, comfortable, and environmentally conscious with this advanced evaporative cooler.
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