Cool Boss CB-14SL Evaporative Cooler/Swamp Cooler

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Brand: Cool Boss

Quick Overview

Cool Boss CB-14, a compact evaporative cooler that combines power and efficiency. With its impressive 14-inch fan producing 2,715 CFM, this evaporative cooler ensures effective cooling for your space. The integrated swing-louvers efficiently distribute the cool air throughout the area, providing optimal comfort. Experience the cooling prowess of the Cool Boss CB-14, your ultimate solution for efficient evaporative cooling.


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Cool Boss CB-14 Evaporative Air Cooler
Introducing the Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler, a high-performance evaporative air cooler designed to keep you cool and comfortable in any environment. With its compact size and impressive cooling capacity, this cooler is your go-to solution for efficient and effective cooling.
High Airflow for Maximum Cooling:
Equipped with a 14-inch fan, the Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler packs a punch with its high airflow capacity of 2,715 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). This powerful fan ensures that cool air is delivered quickly and efficiently throughout your space, providing maximum cooling performance.
Compact Design, Big Cooling Power:
Despite its compact size, the Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler is designed to deliver considerable cooling power. Whether you need relief in your bedroom, living room, office, or outdoor area, this cooler can easily handle the task.
Efficient Cooling with Swing Louvers:
The CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler has integrated swing louvers that efficiently distribute cool air across the room. These swing louvers move horizontally, ensuring every corner of your space receives a refreshing breeze. Say goodbye to hot spots and enjoy consistent cooling comfort.
Easy to Use and Control:
Operating the Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler is simple and user-friendly. You can easily adjust the fan speed and cooling settings with intuitive controls to suit your preferences. Take control of your comfort and enjoy hassle-free cooling.
Versatile Cooling Solution:
The Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler is a versatile cooling solution that adapts to your needs. Whether you want to cool down your indoor space on a hot summer day or need a refreshing breeze while enjoying outdoor activities, this evaporative cooler has covered you.
Environmentally Friendly and Cost-Effective:
Unlike traditional air conditioners that consume a significant amount of electricity, the Cool Boss CB-14 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler uses the natural evaporative cooling process. It uses water and a fan to cool the air, making it an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cooling option. Save on your energy bills while enjoying superior cooling comfort.
In conclusion, the Cool Boss CB-14 Evaporative Air Cooler is the perfect cooling companion for any space. Its compact design, powerful 14-inch fan, and efficient cooling performance make it a reliable solution for beating the heat. Experience superior cooling comfort with the Cool Boss CB-14, your go-to evaporative air cooler for optimal cooling power and efficiency. Stay cool, comfortable, and in control with this advanced cooling solution.
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