Cool Boss CB-36L

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Cool Boss CB-36 evaporative air cooler is truly the boss of them all. This colossal cooling machine features a massive 36-inch fan that unleashes a torrent of cool air, effectively covering an expansive area of up to 3,125 square feet. If you thought the CB-16 and CB-28 were impressive, the CB-36 takes it to the next level.

Building on the success of its predecessors, the CB-36 includes all the remarkable features found in the CB-16 and CB-28. You get the power of a fixed-style fan that ensures you stay cool and comfortable, along with the convenience of a built-in Bluetooth speaker system to keep you entertained with your favorite music. The swivel LED work light is on hand to provide illumination for any task, and the included remote control allows you to customize your cooling experience from anywhere in the room.

The Cool Boss CB-36 is more than just a cooler; it’s a game-changer. With its massive fan and a suite of top-notch features, it’s the ultimate solution for keeping large spaces comfortable and enjoyable. When you want the very best in cooling performance, there’s only one boss—the Cool Boss CB-36 evaporative air cooler.

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