Cool Space 300

Excellent Space 300: Your Ultimate Heat-Combatting Solution

Introducing the Cool Space 300, a state-of-the-art system designed to tackle heat-related challenges head-on in your facility. Powered by Cool-Space evaporative coolers, this cutting-edge system provides a swift and effective response, ensuring the safety of your workforce while maintaining peak production levels.


Powerful Cooling Performance

Equipped with quiet and efficient variable-speed motors, Cool-Space coolers deliver exceptional cooling power. The coolers feature thicker, resin-treated cooling media, maximizing heat evaporation and generating an impressive cooling effect of up to 33 °F (18 °C) in your space. Experience unprecedented comfort and relief from scorching temperatures.


Ease of Use and Convenience

Designed for user-friendly operation, Cool-Space coolers have a standard 110 V power supply, ensuring a hassle-free setup. An internal water reservoir allows these coolers to run for hours without requiring a constant water source, providing uninterrupted cooling relief.


Safety and Reliability

Excellent Space 300 prioritizes safety and convenience. Enjoy peace of mind with features like locking swivel casters, ensuring stability and secure positioning. The automatic low-water shutoff adds extra protection, safeguarding the unit and preventing any operational issues.


Revolutionize Your Spaces

Transform your indoor and covered outdoor areas with the Cool-Space 300. Whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing plant, or commercial space, experience optimal comfort and productivity levels like never before. Beat the heat and maintain a conducive work environment with the advanced cooling technology of Cool-Space.


Industry-Leading Warranty

Cool-Space stands by the quality and reliability of the Cool Space 300, offering an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Rest assured that you invest in a high-performance cooling solution built to last and deliver exceptional results for years.


Embrace the Cool Space Difference

Upgrade your cooling game with Cool Space 300, and say goodbye to heat-related discomfort and productivity setbacks. Revolutionize your facility with this efficient, user-friendly, and powerful cooling system. Trust in Cool-Space’s unparalleled cooling technology to create a comfortable and productive environment for your team.


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Discover the Cool Space 300, a state-of-the-art evaporative cooling solution to combat heat and create a comfortable, productive environment. Powered by powerful motors and thick, resin-treated cooling media, this system can lower air temperature by up to 33 °F (18 °C). With safe and easy operation, variable-speed controls, and large internal reservoirs, Cool Space 300 is suitable for indoor and covered outdoor spaces. Experience industry-leading technology and efficiency with a 5-year warranty, transforming your facility into an oasis of comfort and productivity.

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