Cool Space 350

Discover the Cool Space 350, an advanced evaporative cooler designed to combat heat and enhance productivity. With powerful direct-drive fans and Green Guard certified cooling media, this cutting-edge system lowers air temperature by up to 33 °F (18 °C), creating a comfortable and safe environment. Enjoy quiet, efficient variable-speed motors, an internal water reservoir, and hands-free controls for seamless operation. Ideal for indoor and covered outdoor spaces, Cool Space 350 ensures maximum comfort and portability with industry-leading 5-year warranties. Upgrade your cooling solution today!


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Escape the grip of stifling heat and safeguard your facility’s productivity with Cool Space 350 evaporative coolers. Combining cutting-edge technology, powerful direct-drive fans, and a water supply with saturated cooling media, Cool Space 350 brings instant airflow that can lower your space’s air temperature by up to 33 °F (18 °C), ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your workforce. With quiet, efficient variable-speed motors and Green Guard certified cooling media treated with thermosetting resin, these coolers outshine competitors, dissipating heat more effectively. The internal water reservoir, fed by a standard garden hose, grants portability and spot-cooling capabilities. Experience a seamless operation with hands-free controls, premium remotes, and an Auto-Dry feature that sustains cooling media longevity. Transform your space, be it indoor or covered outdoor, into an oasis of comfort and productivity with the Cool Space 350, backed by industry-leading 5-year warranties, making it the unparalleled choice for a powerful and efficient cooling solution.

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