Big Ass Fans Cool Space 500 Evaporative Cooler/Swamp Cooler

Discover the Cool-Space 500, a powerful and virtually silent evaporative cooler designed to beat the heat and enhance productivity in your indoor and covered outdoor spaces. With efficient variable-speed motors, advanced cooling media, and convenient features like backlit LCD display control, premium remote, and occupancy sensor, Cool-Space 500 offers precise cooling for a comfortable and safe environment. Enjoy added portability with locking swivel casters, automatic low-water shutoff, and an accessible drain plug. Transform your workspace with the industry’s leading cooling technology and experience the perfect blend of performance and comfort with Cool-Space 500.

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Experience the pinnacle of cooling technology with Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 evaporative cooler or swamp cooler, designed to elevate your facility’s productivity and comfort. With robust and virtually silent direct-drive motors, variable-speed controls, and efficient cooling media, Cool-Space 500 ensures precise and effective cooling in indoor and covered outdoor spaces.


Powerful and Efficient Cooling


Cool-Space 500 swamp cooler is engineered to deliver robust and efficient cooling, creating a comfortable environment throughout your workspace. Its cutting-edge cooling media guarantees optimum cooling performance, relieving heat-related challenges.


Convenience at Your Fingertips


Enjoy unparalleled convenience with the Cool-Space 500 evaporative cooler. Its backlit LCD control panel and premium remote allow easy and intuitive operation. The built-in occupancy sensor offers hands-free control, further enhancing the user experience.


Auto-Dry Feature for Longevity


The Cool-Space 500 swamp cooler has an Auto-Dry feature that maintains the unit’s cooling media, extending its lifespan. This feature ensures consistent and efficient cooling performance, even with heavy use.


Safety and Portability


Safety is paramount in the design of Cool-Space 500. It features locking swivel casters and an automatic low-water shutoff, preventing potential hazards. Larger models have a GFI plug and cord wrap for enhanced portability and safety.


Transform Your Facility


Revolutionize your facility’s cooling with Cool-Space 500, a technology and innovation powerhouse. Whether an ample industrial space or a covered outdoor area, Cool-Space 500 provides the perfect combination of performance and comfort.


Unmatched Cooling Performance


Experience the unmatched cooling performance of Cool-Space 500, crafted by Big Ass Fans for optimal productivity and comfort. Say goodbye to stifling heat and embrace the refreshing and invigorating environment created by this cutting-edge cooling solution.


Choose Cool-Space 500 for Your Cooling Needs


Choose Cool-Space 500 and equip your facility with the ultimate cooling solution. Enjoy the power, efficiency, and convenience of Cool-Space 500 as it transforms your workspace into a cool and productive haven. Trust in the innovation and expertise of Big Ass Fans to enhance your cooling experience with Cool-Space 500.

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