Dri Eaz 1200

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Experience the power and versatility of the Dri Eaz 1200 dehumidifier, a compact and highly maneuverable solution designed to remove moisture from everyday spills and reduce humidity in basements, facilities, or on construction sites. This reliable dehumidifier has been a proven and durable favorite for almost 20 years, delivering exceptional performance in a wide range of environments. Whether you need to tackle moisture issues in your home, workplace, or construction project, the Dri Eaz 1200 is the trusted choice. Stay dry and comfortable with the Dri Eaz 1200 dehumidifier – the ultimate solution for moisture control.


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Dri Eaz 1200: Your High-Performance Dehumidifier
Say goodbye to excess moisture with the Dri Eaz Air 1200, a high-performance dehumidifier designed to meet all your moisture removal needs. With an impressive capacity of up to 18 gallons per day, this powerful unit efficiently extracts humidity from the air, creating a dry and comfortable environment.
Compact and Mobile Design:
The Dri Eaz Air 1200 is built with mobility in mind. Its compact size and exceptional mobility make it easy to move around, allowing you to target specific areas for dehumidification. Whether dealing with a flooded basement, restoring water damage, or simply maintaining ideal humidity levels, this dehumidifier can adapt to your needs.
Fast Defrosting with Hot-Gas Bypass:
Worried about its performance in colder conditions? Fear not! The Dri Eaz Air 1200 has a hot-gas bypass feature, ensuring fast defrosting even in chilly environments. This innovative technology maintains optimal performance, delivering reliable results regardless of the temperature.
Rugged and Stackable Housing:
The Dri Eaz Air 1200 is built to withstand rugged conditions. Its rotomolded housing is durable and stackable, providing space-saving storage options. Whether you’re using it for professional restoration projects or keeping it in your basement for occasional use, this dehumidifier is up to the task.
Intuitive Operation and Transportation Ease:
Operating the Dri Eaz Air 1200 is a breeze with the electronic touchpad controls. The user-friendly interface allows for easy adjustments to suit your dehumidification needs. The rigid handle is also designed to withstand rugged service, ensuring you can easily transport it from one location to another. The semi-pneumatic wheels provide smooth movement, even on uneven surfaces, making transportation effortless.
Flexible Setup Options:
The Dri Eaz Air 1200 offers versatile setup configurations. The built-in duct attachment ring allows easy ducting, enabling you to channel dry air to specific areas efficiently. Whether you prefer direct airflow or need to direct the dehumidified air to hard-to-reach places, this dehumidifier accommodates your preferences.
Seamless Operation with Automatic Restart:
Are you worried about power outages interrupting your dehumidification process? The Dri Eaz Air 1200 has you covered. Its automatic restart function ensures that the dehumidifier resumes operation seamlessly after a power outage, saving you time and effort.
In conclusion, the Dri Eaz Air 1200 is a versatile and efficient dehumidifier that delivers outstanding performance and mobility. Its impressive moisture removal capacity, compact design, fast defrosting feature, and stackable housing make it an excellent choice for various applications. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Dri Eaz Air 1200 and keep your indoor spaces dry and comfortable.
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