Dual Fuel Construction Heater. Direct-fired dual fuel heater that features electronic direct spark ignition, flame safety control, on/off thermostat control, minimal products of combustion, stackable and portable design. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711


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Introducing the Flagro F-1000T Dual Fuel Construction Heater, a highly efficient and reliable heating solution designed to meet the demands of construction sites and outdoor spaces. This direct-fired dual-fuel heater offers the versatility of natural gas or propane, providing flexibility and convenience for various applications.


Key Features of the Flagro F-1000T Dual Fuel Construction Heater:


Electronic Direct Spark Ignition:

The F-1000 Theater is equipped with electronic direct spark ignition, ensuring quick and reliable ignition without manual lighting. This feature simplifies the startup process, saving time and effort on the construction site.


Flame Safety Control:

Safety is a top priority, and the F-1000 Theater is designed with flame safety control mechanisms. In an unexpected flame outage, the heater will automatically shut off, preventing potential hazards and ensuring secure operation.


On/Off Thermostat Control:

The on/off thermostat control allows users to adjust the heating output according to the desired temperature, maintaining a comfortable environment while optimizing fuel consumption.


Minimal Products of Combustion:

The F-1000T heater is engineered to produce minimal combustion products, ensuring cleaner and more efficient heating performance. This feature contributes to a healthier and eco-friendly work environment.


Stackable and Portable Design:

The heater’s stackable and portable design allows space-saving storage and effortless transportation for enhanced convenience. Its compact form makes moving around the construction site easy as needed.


Versatility and Reliability:

The Flagro F-1000T Dual Fuel Construction Heater is an ideal heating solution for various construction sites and outdoor spaces. Its dual-fuel capability ensures adaptability to different fuel sources, providing greater flexibility in fuel availability. Whether a construction project, outdoor event, or temporary workspace, this heater delivers reliable and consistent heating to keep workers comfortable and productive.


Built for Efficiency and Safety:

The F-1000T heater is engineered with efficiency and safety in mind. Its electronic direct spark ignition and flame safety control contribute to seamless operation, while the on/off thermostat control enables precise temperature regulation. With minimal combustion products, it reduces emissions and ensures a cleaner work environment.


Portability and Convenience:

The stackable and portable design of the F-1000 Theater makes it easy to transport and store, enhancing its usability across different job sites. Its rugged construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing it to withstand the rigors of construction environments.


In conclusion, the Flagro F-1000T Dual Fuel Construction Heater is the go-to choice for heating solutions on construction sites and outdoor spaces. Its direct-fired dual fuel capability, electronic ignition, and safety features provide efficient and reliable heating performance. The F-1000T heater’s stackable and portable design adds to its convenience, making it an essential tool for construction professionals seeking a versatile, safe, and effective heating solution.


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