Direct Fired Construction Heater. Direct-fired propane vapor heater featuring lightweight and portable design, stackable for easy storage, and propane hose included. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711

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Introducing the Flagro F-150 Direct Fired Construction Heater, a robust and reliable heating solution that provides efficient heat on construction sites and outdoor spaces. This direct-fired propane vapor heater offers a range of features that make it convenient and practical for various applications.

Key Features of the Flagro F-150 Direct-Fired Construction Heater:

Direct-Fired Propane Vapor Heater: The F-150 heater operates using direct-fired propane vapor, which ensures fast and effective heating. This direct heating method allows for quick warming of the surrounding air, providing immediate comfort in chilly environments.

Lightweight and Portable Design: The F-150 heater is engineered to be light and easily portable. Its compact form factor makes it easy to move and transport to different locations, offering flexibility in heating arrangements.

Stackable for Easy Storage: The F-150 heater is stackable for space-saving convenience, allowing multiple units to be stored together without taking up excessive space. This feature is particularly beneficial during off-season storage or when not in use.

Propane Hose Included: The heater comes with a propane hose, ensuring hassle-free setup and immediate use. This inclusion saves time and effort, making the F-150 heater ready for operation immediately.


Versatile Heating Solution:

The Flagro F-150 Direct Fired Construction Heater is an excellent heating solution for various applications. Whether it’s a construction site, outdoor event, workshop, or temporary workspace, the F-150 heater provides reliable and efficient heat to keep individuals comfortable in cold conditions.


Ease of Use and Mobility:

The F-150 heater’s lightweight and portable design allows easy maneuverability and quick setup. Its simplicity of operation makes it user-friendly while including a propane hose ensures a seamless connection to a propane fuel source.


Practical Storage And Space Efficiency:

The stackable design of the F-150 heater allows for convenient storage, saving valuable space in storage areas or transport vehicles. This feature is especially advantageous for businesses or contractors with limited storage space.


Durable Construction:

The F-150 heater is built with durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of construction sites and outdoor environments. It’s sturdy construction and reliable performance make it a long-lasting heating solution.


In conclusion, the Flagro F-150 Direct Fired Construction Heater is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a powerful, portable, and efficient heating solution. Its direct-fired propane vapor operation ensures rapid heat delivery, while the lightweight design and stackable feature make it easy to move and store. With the convenience of a propane hose included, the F-150 heater is ready to provide reliable warmth and comfort in various settings, making it a valuable asset for construction professionals and outdoor event organizers alike.

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