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Introducing the Flagro F-400T, a high-performance 400,000 BTUH Heater equipped with a Thermostat and Wheel Kit, designed to provide exceptional heating capabilities for various commercial applications, construction sites, and maintenance projects. Engineered for ease of operation, minimal servicing, and enhanced mobility, the F-400T is a reliable and efficient solution that ensures comfortable and productive working environments in various settings.


Powerful Heating Capacity: With an impressive heating capacity of 400,000 BTUH, the Flagro F-400T delivers a rapid and robust heat output, making it ideal for heating large spaces and meeting demanding heating requirements. Whether it’s a spacious commercial facility or a construction site needing temporary heat, the F-400T is up to the task.


User-Friendly Operation: The F-400T features an electronic direct spark ignition control, simplifying the startup process and ensuring effortless operation. The straightforward controls and integrated thermostat allow precise temperature adjustments, providing optimal comfort and maintaining a consistent temperature in the designated area.


Safety at the Forefront: Safety is a top priority with the Flagro F-400T Heater. Its 100% flame safeguard system monitors the burner to ensure safe and reliable operation. This safety feature provides peace of mind, particularly in commercial or industrial environments where adherence to safety standards is critical.


Fuel Flexibility: One notable advantage of the F-400T is its fuel selector valve, allowing easy switching between fuel supplies. Depending on availability and cost-effectiveness, this flexibility enables you to use either propane or natural gas, making it a versatile heating solution tailored to your specific needs.


Durable and Reliable Design: The F-400T is engineered to withstand the rigors of commercial applications. Its robust construction ensures durability, and the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing make it resistant to wear and tear, extending its operational life.


Environmentally Friendly: Flagro prioritizes environmental responsibility, and the F-400T is no exception. Designed to produce minimal combustion impurities, this heater is eco-friendly, reducing its environmental impact while providing efficient heating performance.


Versatile Applications: The F-400T is suitable for various applications thanks to its commercial-grade build. From warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers to construction sites, event spaces, and outdoor gatherings, the F-400T ensures a comfortable atmosphere in any challenging environment.


Enhanced Mobility: Including a wheel kit enhances the F-400T’s mobility, making it easy to transport and reposition the heater wherever it’s needed most. This convenient feature allows for quick deployment and adjustment, ensuring optimal heating coverage across various locations.


Temporary Heat Solution: The F-400T is an excellent quick heat solution in the construction industry or for temporary facilities. Its reliable performance and ease of setup make it a valuable asset for contractors, providing a comfortable working environment during colder months.


Conclusion: The Flagro F-400T 400,000 BTUH Heater with Thermostat and Wheel Kit is a versatile and powerful heating solution designed to meet the demands of commercial and industrial settings. Its robust construction, fuel flexibility, user-friendly operation, and enhanced mobility make it a practical and reliable choice for providing efficient heating in various applications. Whether you need a temporary heating solution for construction sites or consistent heating for large commercial spaces, the F-400T delivers exceptional performance and convenience to create comfortable and productive environments. Trust in the Flagro F-400T to meet your heating needs with reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.


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