Flagro F-1500T

Direct-fired dual fuel heater featuring electronic direct spark ignition, flame safety control, hi/low thermostat control, minimal products of combustion, stackable and portable design. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711

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Introducing the Flagro F-1500T, a powerful 1,500,000 BTUH Heater with a Thermostat designed to deliver reliable and efficient heating for commercial applications, construction sites, and maintenance projects. This heater offers exceptional performance, ease of use, and environmental friendliness to meet various heating needs.


Key Features of the Flagro F-1500T Heater:


High Heating Capacity: With an impressive 1,500,000 BTUH heating capacity, the F-1500T is engineered to provide substantial and rapid heat output, making it ideal for large commercial spaces and demanding heating requirements.


Electronic Direct Spark Ignition Control: The Flagro F-1500T is equipped with direct spark ignition control, ensuring easy and reliable ignition. This feature eliminates the need for manual ignition and streamlines the heating process.


100% Flame Safeguard System: Safety is paramount, and the F-1500T prioritizes it with a 100% flame safeguard system. This system continuously monitors the flame to ensure its presence during operation, providing added protection and peace of mind.


Fuel Selector Valve for Versatility: The heater comes with a fuel selector valve that allows users to change the fuel supply easily. This versatile feature enables using different fuel sources based on availability and convenience.


Designed for Commercial Applications: The Flagro F-1500T is specifically designed for commercial use, catering to large-scale heating requirements in commercial and industrial settings. It can effectively heat expansive areas and maintain optimal temperatures.


Environmentally Friendly: This heater is engineered to burn fuel with minimal combustion impurities, making it an environmentally friendly heating solution. It ensures clean combustion, reducing harmful emissions and promoting a greener approach to heating.


Temporary Heat Solution: The Flagro F-1500T provides quick heat during construction projects, maintenance work, or any situation requiring brief, powerful, and efficient heating.


Engineered for Easy Operation and Servicing: The F-1500T is designed for user-friendly operation, allowing hassle-free setup and use. Its construction also facilitates easy servicing and maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operation.


In conclusion, the Flagro F-1500T 1,500,000 BTUH Heater with Thermostat is a robust and versatile heating solution designed for commercial applications, construction projects, and temporary heating needs. Its high heating capacity, electronic ignition control, and 100% flame safeguard system ensure reliable operation. Switching fuel sources with the fuel selector valve adds versatility, while its environmentally friendly design contributes to a greener heating solution. Whether you require temporary heat for construction or need to heat large commercial spaces, the F-1500T provides the power and efficiency to meet your heating demands quickly.


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