Electric heaters operate quietly and are easy to store. No assembly is required and ductwork can be attached to the heater to customize airflow. This heater type exhibits a high outlet air velocity and requires 480V power. Additional features include inlet guards, outlet guards, and a black powder-coated finish. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711


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Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater, a high-performance heating solution that combines quiet operation, accessible storage, and customizable airflow for optimal heating comfort. Designed for convenience and efficiency, this electric heater requires no assembly, allowing you to experience instant warmth without any setup hassles. With the capability to attach ductwork, the Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater offers the flexibility to tailor the airflow to suit your heating requirements.


Quiet and Efficient Heating: The Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment while effectively heating your space. Whether it’s a workplace, a residential area, or an event venue, this heater provides consistent warmth without causing disruptions.


Easy Storage and Portability: With its compact design and lightweight construction, the Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater is easy to store and transport. When not in use, stow it away until needed, making it a practical choice for both temporary and long-term heating solutions.


Customizable Airflow: The heater’s ductwork compatibility allows you to customize the airflow direction, ensuring even heat distribution across the desired area. This feature is precious in large or open spaces, where targeted heating is essential for maximum comfort.


High Outlet Air Velocity: The Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater boasts a high outlet air velocity, ensuring the heated air is efficiently delivered to the intended space. This powerful performance provides rapid and effective heating, making it an excellent choice for various heating applications.


480V Power Requirement: To harness its full heating potential, the Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater operates on 480V power, providing sufficient energy to maintain a comfortable temperature in sizable areas.


Enhanced Safety Features: This electric heater has inlet and outlet guards, promoting a safe heating experience. These protective features prevent accidental contact with the heating elements, giving you peace of mind while the heater operates.


Durable and Sleek Design: The Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater features a black powder-coated finish, adding a touch of elegance and providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. The robust construction ensures reliable performance and longevity, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Experience the efficiency, versatility, and quiet operation of the Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater. Whether you need temporary heating solutions for construction sites, supplemental heating for events, or continuous comfort in commercial spaces, this electric heater delivers outstanding performance and dependable warmth. Stay comfortable in any setting with the Flagro FLE-150RC Electric Heater, your reliable heating companion.

Call for a quote at (800) 633-8711

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