Electric heaters operate quietly and are easy to store. No assembly is required and ductwork can be attached to the heater to customize airflow. This heater type exhibits a high outlet air velocity and requires 480V power. Additional features include inlet guards, outlet guards, and a black powder-coated finish. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711


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Introducing the Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater, a compact and efficient heating solution that provides quiet operation and easy storage. With its user-friendly design, this electric heater requires no assembly, allowing you to experience hassle-free heating with just a simple plug-in. The ability to attach ductwork offers customizable airflow, making it suitable for various heating applications. Experience the convenience and power of this electric heater with its high outlet air velocity and 480V power requirement for optimal heating performance.


Quiet and Efficient Heating: The Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment while efficiently providing warmth. Its silent operation makes it ideal for use in offices, bedrooms, or any area where minimal noise is preferred.


Easy Storage and Portability: Designed with portability in mind, the Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move and store when not in use. Its space-saving design allows for convenient storage in closets, garages, or utility rooms.


Customizable Airflow: With the option to attach ductwork, this electric heater allows you to customize the airflow direction, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the desired space. This feature mainly benefits larger rooms or areas with specific heating requirements.


High Outlet Air Velocity: The Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater delivers a high outlet air velocity, ensuring that the heated air is quickly and effectively distributed, providing fast and consistent heating to your chosen area.


480V Power Requirement: To maximize its heating capabilities, the Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater operates on 480V power, providing the necessary energy for efficient and powerful heating performance.


Enhanced Safety Features: Safety is a priority, and the Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater is equipped with inlet and outlet guards to protect against accidental contact with the heating elements. These safety measures ensure worry-free operation.


Durable and Sleek Design: The electric heater features a black powder-coated finish, providing durability and an attractive appearance. The sleek design blends well with any decor and adds a touch of elegance to your space.


The Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater offers a practical and versatile heating solution for various indoor settings. Whether you need supplemental heating for your home, a temporary heating solution for a construction site, or versatile warmth for events, this electric heater delivers reliable performance and efficiency. Stay cozy and comfortable with the Flagro FLE-60RC Electric Heater, the perfect heating companion for all your heating needs.


Call for a quote at (800) 633-8711

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