Radiant propane or natural gas heaters are temperature controlled via a built-in thermostat. These units are stackable for easy storage and transportation. The heather has a filterless design. Call for a quote (800) 633-8711

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Brad Kenter
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Climate Control Solutions was great to work with. We had a order come in that required 12 Cool Space 400's asap. They had the equipment in stock, paperwork was seamless, and equipment was ready for pick up when stated. We will be buying more equipment from Climate Control Solutions in the future!
aimee coody
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The spot coolers provided Climage Control Solutions saved the day at my office when our central ac went out in the entire building. The portable ac units kept us all very comfortable for several weeks while we waited for ours to be repaired. It only took 2 units to cool quite a large space. Thanks you CCS!!! We appreciate you!
Stan Love
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This is definitely a Top tier, 5-star company owned and operated by highly skilled individuals! Service oriented and offering a wide range of portable heating, ventilation and air conditioning products to meet whatever mechanical needs you have. I have known the family behind this company for several decades and honored to recommend and support their efforts and CCS.Stan Love AIA, RID

Introducing the Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater, a versatile and efficient heating solution designed for propane and natural gas use. This high-performance heater has a built-in thermostat, providing precise temperature control to warm your space comfortably. The radiant heating technology ensures effective and focused heat distribution, offering a cozy environment in any setting.


Temperature Control with Thermostat: The Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater has a built-in thermostat, allowing you to set and maintain your desired temperature effortlessly. The thermostat ensures the heater operates at the ideal level, providing consistent warmth while optimizing energy efficiency.


Propane or Natural Gas Operation: This heater is designed to operate with either propane or natural gas, offering flexibility to choose the fuel source that best suits your preferences or availability. Whether you have propane or natural gas access, this heater is ready to deliver efficient heating performance.


Stackable and Portable: The Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater features a stackable design, making storing multiple units in a compact space easy. Additionally, the heater is highly portable, allowing you to move it from one location to another, making it ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications.


Focused Radiant Heating: Radiant heating technology directs the heat in a focused manner, providing warmth directly to people and objects in its path. This targeted approach ensures that the heat is efficiently utilized, reducing energy waste and creating a comfortable environment.


Filterless Design: The heater is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a filterless design. This means no filters to clean or replace, saving you time and maintenance efforts. The filterless design also helps maintain consistent heating performance without any obstructions.


Durable Construction: The Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater is built to withstand rugged use, making it suitable for various commercial, industrial, and outdoor applications. The sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to rely on this heater for years.


Safe and Reliable: Safety is a priority, and the Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater is equipped with safety features to ensure worry-free operation. The heater is designed with high-quality materials and engineering standards to provide reliable and safe heating performance.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater, the ultimate heating solution for indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you need supplemental heating for your workshop, construction site, or outdoor event, this heater delivers consistent warmth and comfort. Enjoy the benefits of temperature-controlled heating with a built-in thermostat, the convenience of choosing between propane or natural gas operation, and the practicality of a stackable and portable design. Embrace the power of radiant heating and create a cozy environment with the reliable Flagro FRHR-100P Radiant Heater.


Call for a quote at (800) 633-8711


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