Heat Hog Piglet

Stay warm indoors and outdoors with the Heat Hog 4,000 BTU “piglet” portable propane radiant space heater. Small and portable, perfect for your garage, tailgating, ice fishing, hunting, camping, or anywhere you need reliable convenient heat quickly.

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Introducing the Heat Hog 4,000 BTU “Piglet” Portable Propane Radiant Space Heater, your reliable and compact heating companion for indoor and outdoor use. Don’t let its small size fool you; this little powerhouse is perfect for your garage, tailgating, ice fishing, hunting, camping, or any other situation where you need quick and efficient heat.
Precise Heating with Angled Heat Head: The Heat Hog “Piglet” features a fixed 45-degree angled heat head, directing the warmth exactly where it’s needed most, not just to your feet. This precise heating design ensures you stay cozy and comfortable in chilly environments.
Sturdy and Versatile Design: Equipped with a mountable base, the Heat Hog “Piglet” remains stable even on rugged terrains. Its small and portable size makes it easy to carry around, allowing you to enjoy reliable heat wherever you go.
Comprehensive Heating Coverage with Curved Plaque Technology: Utilizing curved plaque technology, the “Piglet” provides a 33-degree wider heating area than standard heaters. This means you get more heat coverage, benefiting you and keeping those around you warm and toasty.
Powerful Heating Performance: Despite its compact size, the Heat Hog “Piglet” packs a punch with up to 4,000 BTUs of radiant heat output. This efficient heat source runs on a 1 lb. LP cylinder, eliminating the need for electricity and ensuring hassle-free operation.
Convenient and Safe Features: The “Piglet” is designed with user convenience and safety as top priorities. It includes an easy-grip handle for effortless portability, a rugged safety guard for added protection, and a safety tip-over switch that automatically turns off the unit if accidentally knocked over.
Automatic Safety Shutdown: Safety is paramount, and the “Piglet” comes with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) that detects low oxygen levels. If such groups are seen or the unit accidentally falls, the heater automatically shuts down, providing peace of mind.
Easy Maintenance and Part Replacement: The Heat Hog “Piglet” ensures that maintenance and part replacement are a breeze. Easy access to components allows for convenient cleaning and replacement, keeping your heater in excellent working condition.
Enjoy the warmth and comfort of the Heat Hog 4,000 BTU “Piglet” Portable Propane Radiant Space Heater. Whether you’re venturing outdoors or need quick and efficient heat indoors, this compact and versatile space heater is up to the task. With precise heating, wide-coverage, safety features, and easy maintenance, the Heat Hog “Piglet” ensures you stay warm and cozy in any setting. Embrace the convenience and warmth this little powerhouse brings to your chilly days. Stay comfortable and maximize your outdoor adventures with the Heat Hog “Piglet” Radiant Space Heater.


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