HEPA-AIRE® H1990M Negative Air Machines

Features of the HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L include: Two Operating Speeds: 1,600 CFM (High) & 1,050 CFM (Low), Weight: 125 Pounds, Including Filters, 18” x 24” x 12” -Deep Certified 99.97% HEPA Filter, High-Performance Motor & Custom-Engineered Blower, Amber Filter-Change Indicator Lamp, Pop-Out Circuit Breaker, Two Fixed & Two Locking 4” Swivel Casters, Attached Exhaust Collar for 12” Flex Duct.

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The HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L is a powerful and efficient air purifier that provides high-performance air cleaning in various settings. This unit boasts several features that make it a reliable and effective tool for maintaining clean and healthy air.
Two Operating Speeds: The HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L offers two operating speeds for flexible airflow control. It can deliver a high airflow of 1,600 CFM on the high-speed setting and 1,050 CFM on the low-speed ground. This versatility allows users to adjust the airflow according to their specific air purification needs.
Certified 99.97% HEPA Filter: The heart of the air purifier is its certified 99.97% HEPA filter, which ensures exceptional filtration efficiency. This HEPA filter can efficiently capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, effectively removing airborne contaminants such as dust, allergens, mold spores, and other harmful particles from the air.
High-Performance Motor & Blower: The HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L is equipped with a high-performance motor and custom-engineered blower, enabling it to deliver robust and consistent airflow. This combination ensures efficient air circulation and effective air cleaning performance.
Amber Filter-Change Indicator Lamp: The unit is equipped with an amber filter-change indicator lamp to facilitate timely filter replacement. This feature provides a visual cue to notify users when it is time to replace the HEPA filter, ensuring optimal filtration performance and maintaining clean air quality.
Pop-Out Circuit Breaker: For added safety and protection, the air purifier is equipped with a pop-out circuit breaker. This feature is a safety measure in case of power overloads or electrical issues, providing an easy way to reset the unit for continued operation.
Swivel Casters: The HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L has two fixed and two locking 4″ swivel casters, offering easy maneuverability and mobility. These casters allow users to move the air purifier effortlessly to areas requiring air cleaning.
Attached Exhaust Collar: The unit features an attached exhaust collar designed for a 12″ flex duct for easy ducting and ventilation. This enables users to direct the purified air to specific locations or connect the air purifier to external ventilation systems.
Compact and Durable Design: Weighing 125 pounds, including filters, the HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L is designed for portability and convenience. Its compact dimensions of 18″ x 24″ x 12″-Deep make it suitable for various indoor environments without taking up excessive space.
In summary, the HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L is a robust and reliable air purifier with features like two operating speeds, a certified HEPA filter, a high-performance motor and blower, filter-change indicator lamp, circuit breaker, swivel casters, and an exhaust collar. This combination of features makes it an effective solution for air purification in various settings, ensuring cleaner and healthier air for occupants. Trust in the HEPA-AIRE Model 1990L to deliver exceptional air cleaning performance and improve indoor air quality in your space.
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