HEPACART 55 AUTO – Mobile Ceiling Access Cart

Brand: HEPA Cart
Quick Overview
HEPACART 55 AUTO is a versatile solution for containment and filtration. This compact cart offers convenience and safety with its 15 options, UL-listed components, and durable construction. Easily maneuverable and equipped with a HEPA-filtered negative air machine ensures clean and controlled environments.

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HEPACART 55 Mobile Ceiling Access Cart for Containment and Filtration – your ultimate solution for safe and efficient ceiling access in smaller areas. This one-person, end-entry cart comes with 15 convenience and safety options, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for any project.
Compact and Versatile Design: The cart’s working dimensions, when collapsed, are 29” W x 55” L x 68” T, allowing it to fit through any 3.0 door. When extended effortlessly, it reaches up to an impressive 10’6” with the standard enclosure, and with additional options, it can extend up to 14′, providing exceptional versatility for different ceiling heights.
Robust Construction: The cart’s structure is built with a fully boxed aluminum frame, ensuring durability and reliability during every use. Each caster and wheel assembly is rated for 900 lbs. The cart is warranted for 1500+ lbs., providing ample support for equipment and personnel.
HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine: The cart has a high-performance HEPA-Filtered Negative Air Machine. This lab-tested design features medical-grade filtration, capturing 99.99+% of particles as small as 0.03 microns, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. The fan is rated at 750 CFM, providing efficient air circulation.
Three-Way Electrical Wiring: The cart’s electrical system is wired for 120V for maximum safety and control, allowing power to be controlled inside and outside the coach. This feature is precious for best infection control practices. The cart includes a 25 ft. retractable extension cord, convenience outlets, and interior lighting.
Most Versatile Raise/Lower Mechanism: The telescoping, spring-loaded extension poles offer a tight seal, raising the enclosure to 10’6” as the standard height. With the additional option of a tall square and MTA (multiple tile adapter), the cart can reach up to 14′ in height and be adjusted in 90 seconds or less without needing tools.
Adjustable Advanced Enclosure: The cart’s enclosure is fabricated using durable, healthcare-approved, antimicrobial, anti-static, and fire-resistant material. It is available in white (standard) and translucent (when noted). The enclosure features two pass-thru slips, a clear zipping closed-top, and a slide-out/offset top frame to accommodate wall obstacles like handrails.
Interior Lighting: The cart is equipped with an LED lighting package, including HALO lighting in the enclosure to illuminate the work area, including the space above the ceiling. It also includes an LED shelf light and in-use light, ensuring optimal visibility during operations.
Premium End-Entry Door: Safety and security are paramount, and the cart features an excellent end-entry door with a lock and key set, a window for visibility, and a work order/permit slide holder for easy access to essential documents.
Safety Features: The cart has various safety features, including a negative air indicator (manometer) to monitor air pressure, ensuring effective containment. A walk-off mat storage compartment below the door adds convenience and cleanliness.
With the HEPACART 55 Mobile Ceiling Access Cart for Containment and Filtration, you have a reliable and versatile solution to access ceilings, maintain safety standards, and achieve outstanding results in various environments. It is the perfect companion for any project, from medical facilities to industrial settings, ensuring a safe and controlled working environment. Please trust this cart’s performance and safety features to get the job done correctly.
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