SKU: MOB-100
Brand: Mobile Cool

Quick OverviewMobileCool MOB-100SEH, a robust 10-ton portable air conditioner with electric heat. This powerful unit offers a cooling capacity of 126,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 184,000 BTU/h. The MOB-100SEH features a 54 KW electric heater, providing efficient heating performance. With its versatile capabilities, this portable air conditioner is ideal for various applications. Experience reliable and effective climate control with the MobileCool MOB-100SEH, ensuring superior cooling and heating performance.
Cooling Capacity:
126,000 BTU/h
Heating Capacity:
184,000 BTU/h
Size (W x D x H):
59x96x53 inches
1,350 lbs
Power Supply:
Current Consumption (AMPS) :
31 amps cooling / 80 amps heating
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator:
4,000 CFM


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The MobileCool MOB-100SEH is a robust, efficient 10-ton portable air conditioner with electric heat. Designed to provide complete temperature control, this unit is perfect for various applications, ensuring comfort and convenience wherever needed.

Cooling and Heating Performance: The MOB-100SEH is a reliable solution for cooling and heating needs. With a cooling capacity of 126,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 184,000 BTU/h, this unit ensures efficient and effective temperature regulation, keeping your space comfortable year-round.

High-Voltage Operation: Operating on 460V 3-phase power, the MOB-100SEH is designed to handle heavy-duty cooling and heating demands. It’s equipped to tackle demanding environments and provide consistent performance.

Remote Thermostat Control: Enjoy convenient control with the included remote thermostat and a 50-foot cord. With this feature, you can easily adjust and maintain the desired temperature from a distance, adding flexibility in managing your climate control.

Adequate Air Circulation: The unit comes with (1) 20″ supply and (1) 20″ return vents, ensuring sufficient air circulation for efficient cooling and heating. The well-designed ventilation system optimizes performance and ensures even distribution of conditioned air.

Efficient Air Filtration: The MOB-100SEH features (4) 20″x25″x2″ filters, providing excellent air filtration to keep the air clean and free from airborne contaminants. This is especially beneficial for environments where air quality is crucial.

Enhanced Portability: While the unit comes skid-mounted, you can improve its portability by purchasing and mounting a trailer. This makes transportation and setup a breeze, allowing you to use the MOB-100SEH wherever it’s needed most.

Experience the power and versatility of the MobileCool MOB-100SEH, your go-to solution for efficient cooling and heating. This portable air conditioner with electric heat delivers optimal comfort and performance, whether for industrial, commercial, or other demanding applications.

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