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Brand: Mobile Cool

Quick OverviewMobileCool MOB-250SEH is a powerful 25-ton portable industrial air conditioner with electric heat. With a cooling capacity of 290,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 245,000 BTU/h, this unit offers efficient climate control for large-area cooling applications.

The MOB-250SEH is specifically designed to handle high cooling demands and features a 72 KW electric heater for reliable heating performance. Whether in a skid or trailer mount configuration, this industrial air conditioning unit is versatile and can serve as a supplemental or emergency backup cooling solution for HVAC systems.

Experience the exceptional cooling and heating capabilities of the MobileCool MOB-250SEH for reliable and efficient temperature control.


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Introducing the MobileCool MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH, the pinnacle of robust climate control and temperature management in large industrial applications. Engineered with precision and built to last, this solid 25-ton portable air conditioner with electric heat is designed to deliver superior cooling performance and ensure optimal comfort in even the most challenging environments.
Unmatched Cooling and Heating Capacity: The MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH boasts an impressive cooling capacity of 290,000 BTU/h and a heating capacity of 245,000 BTU/h, courtesy of its advanced 72 kW electric heater. With such immense power at your disposal, this unit can effortlessly handle large-area cooling requirements, providing swift and reliable temperature control.
Rugged Industrial-Grade Performance: Constructed to withstand the rigors of industrial settings, the MOB-250SEH is a workhorse built to deliver consistent cooling and heating results. Its robust construction and durable components ensure uninterrupted performance, making it the ideal choice for cooling applications in expansive industrial facilities.
Convenient Remote Thermostat Control: Take charge of your climate easily using the included remote thermostat featuring a generous 50-foot cord. With this practical feature, you can effortlessly adjust and fine-tune the temperature from a distance without constantly needing to be near the unit.
Optimal Air Circulation and Distribution: The MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH is thoughtfully designed with (2) 20″ supply and (2) 20″ return vents to promote efficient air circulation throughout the designated space. The balanced airflow ensures that conditioned air reaches every nook and cranny, providing uniform cooling and heating for enhanced comfort.
Efficient Air Filtration for a Healthier Environment: Equipped with (8) 20″x25″x2″ filters and a static pressure of 1″, the MOB-250SEH ensures efficient and clean airflow. These high-quality filters effectively capture and remove airborne particles, including dust, allergens, and pollutants, creating a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for occupants.
Enhanced Portability and Adaptability: The MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH comes skid-mounted for easy transportation and setup. For added convenience and mobility, you can purchase a trailer and mount the skid, transforming it into a versatile and easily transportable climate control solution.
Versatile Applications: Whether you require supplementary cooling during routine shutdowns, emergency backup cooling in critical situations, or a reliable cooling solution for large-scale industrial projects, the MobileCool MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH rises to the occasion, ensuring consistent and powerful cooling and heating capabilities.
Elevate your climate control experience with the MobileCool MOB-250SEH/MOB-250HPEH, a true workhorse in industrial-grade cooling and heating solutions. Rely on its impressive performance, durability, and versatility to maintain a comfortable and productive workspace in large industrial settings—experience efficient and powerful temperature management like never before with the MobileCool MOB-250SEH by your side.
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