PortaCool Hazardous Location 260

Brand: PortaCool
  • All electrical components are sealed making them intrinsically safe
  • Kuul Comfort MicroTech™ evaporative media
  • Does not come with a plug – will need to be hardwired by a certified electrician
  • No assembly required


        CALL 1-800-633-8711 FOR MORE INFO. PRICES MAY VARY

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PortaCool Hazardous Location 260: Advanced Cooling Solutions for High-Risk Environments

When it comes to cooling in hazardous areas, safety is paramount. That’s why we proudly present the PortaCool Hazardous Location 260, a specialized cooling system meticulously designed to provide optimal cooling performance while mitigating the risk of combustion in environments with airborne gas or debris.

Safety Comes First:

The PortaCool Hazardous Location 260 is purpose-built to address the unique cooling challenges in high-risk environments. We understand the critical importance of preventing sparks and potential ignition sources. Therefore, every aspect of this cooling system is crafted with safety in mind, ensuring a secure and reliable cooling solution.

Specialized Components for Superior Safety:

Our Hazardous Location products feature a range of advanced safety features to offer peace of mind in hazardous settings. Sealed switches, cords, motors, and pumps are integrated into the design, eliminating potential ignition sources that could lead to disastrous consequences. With every component carefully selected and engineered, we prioritize your safety.

Efficient and Reliable Cooling:

Safety is our top priority, but we never compromise on cooling performance. The PortaCool Hazardous Location 260 delivers efficient cooling even in challenging environments. With this cooling system, you can confidently tackle high temperatures without worrying about compromising safety protocols.

Custom Solutions for Diverse Applications:

We understand that each hazardous location may have unique cooling requirements. That’s why we offer versatile solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s an industrial facility, petrochemical plant, refinery, or any other hazardous environment, our Hazardous Location products are designed to excel in diverse applications.

Portability for On-Demand Cooling:

In hazardous environments, flexibility is essential. The PortaCool Hazardous Location 260 boasts exceptional portability, allowing you to position it precisely where cooling is needed most. With this mobile cooling solution, you can adapt to changing conditions while keeping safety at the forefront.

Experience Cooling with Confidence:

With the PortaCool Hazardous Location 260, you can experience cooling with absolute confidence. Our commitment to safety, advanced design, and efficient performance ensure you can focus on the task without worrying about cooling risks.

Elevate Safety, Elevate Comfort:

Choose PortaCool Hazardous Location 260 for superior cooling in hazardous areas. Prioritize safety without compromising on cooling efficiency. Our products are built to exceed expectations, offering a reliable and secure cooling solution for your high-risk environment.

Invest in Your Safety Today:

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to cooling in hazardous locations. Invest in the PortaCool Hazardous Location 260 and elevate your safety standards while maintaining efficient cooling capabilities. Face the challenges of dangerous environments confidently – choose PortaCool for a cooling solution that prioritizes safety and performance.

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