PortaCool Hazardous Location 270

Brand: PortaCool
  • All electrical components are sealed making them intrinsically safe
  • Kuul Comfort MicroTech™ evaporative media
  • Does not come with a plug – will need to be hardwired by a certified electrician
  • No assembly required


        CALL 1-800-633-8711 FOR MORE INFO. PRICES MAY VARY

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PortaCool Hazardous Location 270: Your Ultimate Safety-First Cooling Solution


In extreme heat and hazardous conditions, keeping calm and protected is crucial. We proudly present the PortaCool Hazardous Location 270, a cutting-edge cooling system engineered to deliver superior performance in environments where airborne gas or debris could lead to potential explosions.


Safety Above All:

At PortaCool, safety is our topmost priority. The Hazardous Location 270 is designed to meet the unique cooling challenges in hazardous areas. We’ve meticulously eliminated potential ignition sources with sealed switches, cords, motors, and pumps, ensuring sparks are kept at bay. Feel confident in your cooling system while knowing your safety remains our unwavering commitment.


Engineered for Challenging Environments:

Our Hazardous Location 270 is purpose-built to excel in the most challenging settings. Whether you’re working in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, or any hazardous location, our cooling system is up to the task. Experience efficient and reliable cooling without compromising on safety.


Uncompromising Comfort in High-Risk Environments:

Working in extreme heat is challenging enough; working in hazardous conditions compounds the difficulty. With the PortaCool Hazardous Location 270, you no longer need to compromise comfort. Experience optimal cooling performance without compromising your well-being.


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Applications:

We understand that each hazardous environment may have specific cooling requirements. The PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 offers versatility and adaptability to cater to your unique needs. From industrial facilities to refineries, our cooling solution is designed to thrive in diverse applications.


Portability for On-Demand Cooling:

Flexibility is vital, especially in hazardous environments. The PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 features exceptional portability, allowing you to position it wherever cooling is required most. Enjoy the freedom to adapt to changing conditions while keeping safety at the forefront.


Stay Cool, Stay Protected:

The PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 lets you stay cool and protected even in the most challenging environments. We’d like to ensure your comfort and safety while you focus on the task.


Elevate Safety, Elevate Performance:

Choose the PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 for cooling that doesn’t compromise safety or performance. Our dedication to engineering excellence ensures you receive a reliable, secure, and efficient cooling solution for your hazardous environment.


Invest in Safety Today:

In hazardous locations, there’s no room for uncertainty. Invest in the PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 for optimal cooling performance and unmatched safety standards. Face extreme heat with confidence, knowing the finest cooling technology protects you.


Prioritize Safety. Enjoy Comfort. Upgrade to PortaCool Hazardous Location 270: Experience a cooling system that places your well-being first. Upgrade to the PortaCool Hazardous Location 270 and stay calm, protected, and comfortable in any hot and hazardous environment. Your safety is our commitment.

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