Power Breezer Titan

Power Breezer mobile atomized evaporative coolers (Model Number: PB-M4) are the world’s most rugged and advanced portable evaporative air cooling system on the market. Able to blow cooled air up to 50 ft. and wind up to 100 feet using its oscillating head, Power Breezer cooling systems are perfect for cooling indoor spaces and mid-sized semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. All mobile Power Breezer Atomized Evaporative Coolers can oscillate up to 60 degrees.


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Introducing the Power Breezer Titan: Empower Your Cooling Experience with Unmatched Performance


The Power Breezer Titan sets the standard for excellence as the world’s most advanced and durable portable evaporative air cooling system. With its rugged design and cutting-edge technology, the Power Breezer Titan delivers exceptional cooling performance, making it the ultimate solution for both indoor spaces and mid-sized semi-enclosed outdoor areas.


Unrivaled Cooling Reach:

Experience the power of the Power Breezer Titan as it blows cooled air up to an impressive 50 feet, creating a refreshing breeze that permeates every corner of your space. With its oscillating head, this cooling system takes it even further, providing a cooling wind that spans up to an astonishing 100 feet, ensuring comprehensive cooling coverage.


Built to Endure:

Designed to thrive in even the most challenging environments, the Power Breezer Titan is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. It’s rugged construction and high-quality materials make it a reliable and durable cooling solution for various applications, including industrial facilities, construction sites, military operations, and outdoor events.


Precision Cooling with Wide Oscillation:

Take complete control of your cooling experience with the Power Breezer Titan’s broad oscillation capability of up to 60 degrees. This advanced feature allows you to direct the cooling breeze exactly where needed, delivering precise and efficient cooling comfort to everyone in your space.


Versatile Indoor and Semi-Enclosed Outdoor Cooling:

From large indoor spaces to mid-sized semi-enclosed outdoor areas, the Power Breezer Titan rises to the occasion. It’s versatility and powerful performance make it the ideal cooling companion for various environments, ensuring you and your team stay relaxed and comfortable in any setting.


Advanced Atomized Evaporative Cooling Technology:

At the heart of the Power Breezer Titan lies state-of-the-art atomized evaporative cooling technology. This innovative system efficiently cools the air by harnessing the power of water evaporation, delivering a refreshing and revitalizing breeze without the need for traditional air conditioning methods.


Elevate Your Cooling Efficiency:

Elevate your cooling experience with the Power Breezer Titan. Experience the unrivaled performance, cutting-edge technology, and ultimate cooling comfort that sets this cooling system apart.


Stay Cool, Stay Empowered:

With the Power Breezer Titan by your side, staying cool and empowered becomes effortless. Whether working on-site, managing an event, or seeking relief in your workspace, this cooling system empowers you to stay focused, productive, and at your best.


Choose the Power Breezer Titan and Redefine Cooling Excellence:

Redefine your cooling experience with the Power Breezer Titan. Refrain from settling for ordinary cooling solutions when you have the world’s most rugged and advanced portable evaporative air cooling system at your fingertips.


Stay Cool, Stay Empowered:

Stay cool, and stay empowered with the Power Breezer Titan. Elevate your cooling experience and unleash the full potential of advanced evaporative cooling technology wherever you need it.


Experience the Power Breezer Titan and revolutionize how you cool indoor and semi-enclosed outdoor spaces.

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