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The SH-500 portable heater offers the most efficient burn in the industry, with an effective heating range between 100,000–500,000 BTU/h. Special safety features include our patented 100% stainless steel burner with an exclusive inner-lined heat shield that maintains an excellent outer shell and a red indicator light near the on/off switch to warn of potential problems. An enclosed fan-cooled industrial motor drives a ten-blade, high-efficiency axial propeller, maintaining air movement through higher static pressures. This ductable unit offers a remote thermostat with a 25’ cord. 24/7 Heat Pump Rentals in Austin TX

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SH500 Portable Heater: Maximum Efficiency and Impressive Heating Range
The Airrex SH-500 portable heater is your reliable solution for robust and efficient heating, offering an impressive heating range of 100,000 to 500,000 BTU/h. Designed for exceptional performance, this heater is built to tackle even the most demanding heating tasks with ease.
Safety Features for Peace of Mind
Safety is paramount, and the Airrex SH-500 portable heater excels. It features a 100% stainless steel burner with an inner-lined heat shield, ensuring the outer shell remains cool during operation. Including a red indicator light near the on/off switch adds an extra layer of safety, alerting users to potential issues and providing peace of mind during use.
Consistent Air Movement and Industrial-Grade Components
Experience reliable and consistent air movement, even with higher static pressures. The Airrex SH-500 has a fan-cooled industrial motor and a high-efficiency axial propeller with ten blades. These features contribute to the heater’s robust performance, ensuring efficient heat distribution throughout your space.
Convenient and User-Friendly
The Airrex SH-500 portable heater is designed with user convenience in mind. It is deductible, allowing for easy portability and flexible use in various settings. The inclusion of a remote thermostat, featuring a 25′ cord, enables convenient temperature control from a distance, allowing you to adjust the heat to suit your specific needs without hassle.
Experience Powerful and Efficient Heating
Trust the Airrex SH-500 portable heater for maximum efficiency and powerful heating capabilities. Whether in industrial settings, construction sites, or outdoor events, this heater delivers consistent and reliable performance, keeping you warm and comfortable when needed.
Invest in Quality Heating Solutions
Explore the exceptional features and performance of the Airrex SH-500 portable heater, and elevate your heating experience. Ensure warmth and comfort during cold days with a heater designed for efficiency, safety, and convenience. Trust in Airrex, a reputable brand known for delivering high-quality heating solutions, and experience the difference in your heating needs. 24/7 Heat Pump Rentals in Austin TX
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